is 9591 a low score for 3dmark06?

I have an msi 9600gt

and an e2180 @ 2.7 ghz, and 2 gb patriot ram

is 9591 an appropriate score? I see others getting 12000 with 9600gt's
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  1. Those people are probably running quad core CPUs. I got a little over 12K with only 1 card so if a 3870 is comparable with the 9600GTs then it about fits. I get about 16200+ with the below system.
  2. Honestly it does sound a little low because I was hitting just under 8000 with a 8600gts which isnt a very good card. You must be bottlenecked by your processor sadly.

    16,200 wow man nice score.
  3. and the score varies widley depending on the CPU, have you seen whats top of the ORB chart? 2900 from ATI or something.
  4. Maybe he just wants to get a better understanding of how his physical hardware interacts with this one piece of software. If you are tired of seeing these posts get out of your mom's basement and stop eating hotpockets and go for a run? You can only play world of warcraft so much. :)
  5. mayor_mccheese said:
    I have an msi 9600gt

    and an e2180 @ 2.7 ghz, and 2 gb patriot ram

    is 9591 an appropriate score? I see others getting 12000 with 9600gt's

    Well, I get only 9541. The benchmark does test CPU's and quad cores will always win out over dual cores. Yet, most games today don't use more than two cores.

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    Im so tired of seeing these stupid posts. Why dont you go online at futuremark and check your score against the millions of other users and find out for yourself????????

    This time I'm amused. It's nice seeing an Intel CPU and Nvidia card lower than the person expected. Sort of defangs the myth that Intel is always the best and Nvidia's 9600gt is something more than an incremental improvement to the 8600gts.

    Even a nicely overclocked Allendale still suffers from one meg of cache.
  6. In reality it's your CPU that hurts your 3DMark score. I have a E2180 at 3Ghz and get roughly 2500 CPU points, but take notice that your SM2/3 scores are very much effected by your CPU as well. Also people with Quad core systems in general will get 2x the cpu score of a duo core, yet they will perform the same in real life considering no game had been made to utilize more than 2 cores. AKA Q6600 @ 3Ghz will perform as well in a game as a E2180 @ 3Ghz, possibly slightly lower because of a different architecture (smaller cache etc although the difference will be almost moot). So in general don't worry about it too much. BTW I get about 11500 with me E2180 @ 3Ghz and 8800GT @ 700/975 (Somewhere around there I've changed the clocks a lot but nothing significant.)
  7. I would consider that a pretty good score (with your hardware), and the guys are right about 3dmark being cpu dependent. I score about 11,000 with an fx-62 @3.15Ghz and 2GB pc6400 ram with a stock evga 8800gt 512.

    Wouldn't worry too much about where you stack up against the competition in orb. Too many factors to consider unless you find someone with the EXACT same setup.
  8. I get 2760

    Q6600 @ 3Ghz 6800GT

  9. thanks for the insight and information guys I appreciate it.
  10. Ya it's low, its your driver settings or just bad driver installed garantee. Get your system opyimized and uninstall driver properly and reinstal and it will crack 10,000
  11. I have almost the same score and I have the latest WHQL approved ForceWare drivers installed : 174.16

    If someone finds a newer driver that supports the 9600gt please post a link :P
  12. That score is fine? an 8800GT doesn't score that much higher, plus you'll probally lose a few points on proccesor.
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