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  1. Nice find.
    Can't wait to get some full reviews on them.
  2. Nice job putting it through translation and stuff, it was kinda confusing however. 600 core mhz? It sounds like an 8800GT all over and the 9800GTX sounds a lot like the current 8800GTS, kinda fishy
  3. it is very fishy...there is more here than meets the eye.

    According to the benchmarks out at the moment, two 8800 gts's in SLI are faster than the 9800. When the the prices of the 8000 series cards plummet upon the release of the 9800, won't people buy two super-cheap GTS's, GTX's, or even ultra's to kick this card's ass without spending huge money on the new card?

    We'll have to wait and see what happens...

    ...only 600 mhz?
    ...same old architecture?
    ...marginally faster than an Ultra, but slower than two good cards in SLI (which is what it should be compared to since it does have two GPU's)

    sounds like another corporate screw money-grab to further milk the old tired technology
  4. This has a single chip
  5. sorry...mixed it up with the GX2
  6. NP
  7. Welcome to Nvidia, from now on it'll just be scam products that are just tweaked and rebadged versions of the same ol' stuff.
  8. Erm.. you know this... how?

    I see no price or specs listed so how can you tell if its a waste of money?? 9600GT sure isn't a waste of money.
  9. Sorry Hatboy, I've been around long enough to know when a company doesn't care about it's customers and here's why.

    To start off part of why we're all so impressed by the 9600GT is because the 8600GT(and GTS) sucked. We're also impressed that it's similar to the 8800GT in that it kicks but for the price and when OC'd often matches the performance of the next card up.

    The 9600GT is basically a slightly cut down 8800GT and the 8800GT is just a trimmed 8800GTS(g92). Trimming down products and binning chips to make new sku's is pretty normal and industry wide, so no beef here about that. The G92 rocks, but it's also been known for quite a while now that the 9800GX2 is basically just 2 G92s slapped together on 2 cards. It's also known that the 9800GTX is going to be a refreshed/updated version of the G92, really just an OC'd 8800GTS512. Part of my beef about this is that all the current G92 cards should really be part of the 9*** series, but Nvidia has just played the higher numbers game with everyone. Some dumbies are gonna think "ugh I just have an 8800GTS, maybe I need to upgrade to the new 9800GTS". Maybe alot of us aren't that dumb but some people are and some people just don't want to do their homework to find out what's what, they just get the one with the higher number name.

    These aren't hard specs and prices, but it's pretty much what every site out there says.
    GeForce 9800GX2 128x2 600MHz 2000MHz March 18 $599
    GeForce 9800GTX 128 675MHz 2200MHz March 25 $399
    GeForce 9800GTS 128 600MHz 1800MHz April 4? $299

    If you're not aware Nvidia has started quite the war with Intel. Sorry it's from the fud, but hey it was the first one on the list from google. Do your own research into it, and no I'm not trying to sound rude.

    Nvidia also wanted WAY to much for SLI technology when they offered it to Intel and so that's part of the reason we're forced to have an Nvidia mobo if we want SLI. However this may change because Intel might just pull the plug on allowing Nvidia to support Intel CPU's all together, but that's another ball game. Nvidia also just buys companies just to consume them so they won't have to compete with them in the long run, and I guess in all fairness that's fine with me, but it'd make more sense to just work with other companies instead of being greedy, starting fights with them, and trash talking there technology.

    If you're still not sure about the state of Nvidia, just read some of the crap their CEO is talking about. He's talking about them not being so good at multi-GPU cards. Then later on in the same speech he's talking about how good the performance of the 9800GX2 is supposed to be. Just like he said CPU's aren't really that important, but now they are starting to make CPU advances?

    I'm not saying that the 9 series is gonna blow goats, just that it's really dissapointing to see a company that so many people like just take a dump on it's customers. Like smacking 2 G92's together, wow that took effort, and then they charge you $600 for it, which is more than double what the product is actually worth. My opinion 450 tops for that kind of creativity. Hmm, wonder how I came up with that number? Anyway I like that they are taking the easier path to make a new product like that, but they shouldn't rape our wallets just because they can. If you weren't aware, when the G92 cards came out Nvidia asked all of its AIC's to use fewer layers to increase profits, but the only profit that would increase is Nvidia's, not their AIC's.

    They need to give us another 8800GTX to show us how far they've come from the previous generation so we know where our money is really going, or give us another 8800GT that gives us some crazy bang for the buck. When a company doesn't push itself what we'll get is like moving from a 7600GT to an 8600GT, yeah there's a difference, but not really enough to justify the markup or even the higher name change.

    He're some of the sketchy stuff to chew on about what's coming up.

    Bottom line, and my point is that a company should do what is fair to make a profit, however it should not be at the cost of sticking to your customers just because it's too greedy or too lazy. They should push themselves as far as they can to make the best product they can, not just push themselves just to beat the competition and still then price that product as though it's the best they can do.

    "Sounds like another corporate screw money-grab to further milk the old tired technology?"
    Yes, yes it does.
  10. I tend to agree, as I think we all need new tech. Used to be 1 refresh a year, this is going on 3? GTX, Ultra (oceed GTX) , GTS512 and now the 9800GTX. I own a nVidia card. Why is it that everyone jumped, and is still jumping on ATI for not being able to outdo a great GTX card, and havnt for over a year, and yet nothing has really come from nVidia who had the jump on ATI for over 6 months? And now we know ATI's new card will be coming in the 2nd qtr. When Intel actually does discrete, therell be no time for capitalizing on old rehashes. ok end of rant
  11. Well put.
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