New build - Can't boot from a dvd-rw


I've just finished assembling my brand new build and it seems that I can't boot from a dvd-rw.

My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L and my dvd drive a Pioneer 212D Sata.

If I insert my WinXP CD, it is dectected and boots from it.
If I insert a dvd-rw with Ultimate Windows Boots disc on it, it doesn't boot from the dvd drive just like if I had inserted a non bootable disc.

I played a bit with the bios settings and I found that if I enable the AHCI thing I can finally boot from the dvd-rw. But I read that enabling that option can cause some troubles.

On my old rig, the dvd-rw boots fine with a Plextor P716a.

I need help on this, I'm not familiar with SATA dvd drive.

thanks for your help.
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  1. Perhaps, the UWBD is corrupt? Try another one.
  2. Well it seems that the problem really comes from my UWBD cause I just tried with a Vista DVD and it can boot succesfully from it even with that AHCI option disabled.

    What's AHCI and should I enable it ?


    Gen-speak, you enable it for RAID before installing windows. After, you might get BSOD's in XP. Vista is ok.
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