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Some USB device make Windows XP hang at logon

Last response: in Windows XP
July 21, 2010 9:17:40 AM

Hi, all! I've just joined tomshardware, and let me first say hallo to all of you.

I have decided to join and ask you about the problem I am having with some USB devices. After searching and reading tons of articles similar to my problem and trying everything suggested in them... the problem still exists, and I have no idea even where to look for the source of the problem I am having.

I have recently got myself a wireles USB mouse. When I connect it while the Windows is already loaded up, it finds it as a new hardware, installs it, and the mouse works fine... BUT, if I restart my computer, or power it on after being turned off - in other words, if the Windows is booting up while this USB mouse is pluged in - it loads fine to the point where the blue "welcome" screen should appear. Then, a black screen stays for several minutes, there is no HD activity, as if the loading process has stopped. If I leave it stay, it might eventualy load up to the end, and then everything works fine again, but sometimes it wouldn't finish the loading proces, and I have to restart my computer to try all over. If I remove the USB mouse while the "black screen hang" is present, then Windows continues to load up properly in the next 4-5 seconds.

I also got this same problem with the USB keyboard. Regular mouse (not a wireles one) that uses a USB interface also hangs the computer at Windows loading. Other devices, however, such as USB camera or flash drives do not cause this problem while being pluged into the computer during the Windows boot-up time. So it all suggest like there is something not being configured properly for the USB use... I just don't know what else could it be. Now, I am back to using mouse with PS/2 plug, it works with no hang-ups.

I have Windows XP SP3 installed. My USB ports are enabled to use 2.0 interface, I have also enabled the USB Mouse and Keyboard support in my BIOS. I have tried to deactivate the power management for my USB devices described in MS knowledge bases: for every USB ports, or a specific USB port individualy. None of these gave any difference, Windows just keeps hanging at the same point. I really have no idea what else can I try. Other than this, the computer works perfectly once it loads up. There are no viruses, it is a home computer used fo every day use, not gaming or so...

The only thing I haven't try is to reinstall the Windows, but frankly, I do not see how is that going to make any difference. My IRQ setting in BIOS is set to PIC, not APIC, if that has to do with anything (although there are no conflicting devices shown in Device Manager, everything looks fine in there). But changing this option would require me to reinstall Windows, and I really would try to solve this without doing that. Do you guys have any experience with this problem so far, is there a workaround?

I have tried these mouse and USB keyboard on 2 other computer; on one they both work without system hanging, on the other, they do the same like on mine. So it can't be the faulty USB device... I really have no idea. If you do, please let me know, I'll be glad to hear any other sugestion.

I am running Windows XP with SP3 on:
Gigabyte 8I845PE-Pro with USB 2.0 ports all enabled
Intel Pentium 4 at 2.4GHz, not overclocked
2Gb or RAM memmory
80GB hard drive formated as FAT32 file system

Thank you in advance for any answer/suggestion you might have.

July 21, 2010 6:12:16 PM

Additionally, what type of mouse/keybaord is it?
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July 21, 2010 7:02:47 PM

Thank so much for your reply. Well, the Mouse is A4TECH N-75D wireless mouse. The Keyboard is not actually mine so I am not sure what brand and model it is, I borrowed it from my brother to see if it will also cause the hang-up, since it also has the USB cable. Both devices, however, work fine on his computer (of course, hardware configuration is very different between his and mine PC) and he also uses Windows XP with SP3 installed.
I do have a Windows XP SP3 installation CD (it is an original bootable CD of Windows XP with integrated SP3 from Microsoft), so I will give the repair option a go to see if it can repair the... glitch. I'll report back what were the results.
July 21, 2010 7:05:35 PM

A last note, if you have not ever modified your BIOS settings, you might want to reset them to factory default in case for some strange reason, a setting was changed and its the cause of the hiccup.