Maxtor Basics 1500GB won't open

Hi all! I have a maxtor basics desktop external hard drive 1500gb (serial number 2HBEWCSY).

I defragged it successfuly (JKdefrag) and then shut down the computer and after i restarted PC again; I double clicked the icon on My Computer window and It says
"F:\ Can't access
File or directory corrupt and unreadable"

Hard drive is working (recognizing successfully) normally and i can see its icon on "my computer" and "Device Manager".

I don't want to lost data of all my years that i have worked to. I want to fix it (it may be a MBR or partition issue) before trying to recover my files from it.
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  1. Did you read the "known problems" section on JKdefrag's web site?
  2. Wow, you really showed up what the problem is! Unfortunately, my scan progress still continues and after it finishes i will try to apply the hotfix. I will let you know later. Thank you for your help
  3. On JKdefrag's website under the "Known Problems" they states that:

    •Some data on an NTFS partition may become corrupted after you restart a Windows XP-based computer that uses a SATA hard disk drive. This is not a JkDefrag bug but a Microsoft defragmentation API bug. Microsoft have fixed this in XP service pack 3. Also see: Bugfix 941715

    This is the problem occurs to me. My scan progress still continues, after it finishes i will let you know what happened. Thank you for your help again.

    Note:Although I had installed Windows XP with Service pack 3, its so interesting how it would happened.
  4. I just blame MICROSOFT for this as i already have sp3 installed and this issue happens.. well

    It seems like TestDisk program is my only hope now.. I will try to repair existing partiton/File allocation tables, Hope it works, If you got some advice for me, just type it. Thanks...
  5. I had 500 gb Maxtor that needed to be formatted in order for windows to recognize it. I lost all my music and photos,

    but then I found a software called file scavenger and located all my files, you just need another 500 gb hd to load the recovered files to.

    If you have success go to spurstalk and make a topic in the geek forum.

    mouse in san antonio.
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