Need Advice On A New Build.

CPU Intel Core 2 Q9650 $ 700

CPU Cooler Swiftech H20-120 Compact Cooler Kit $140

Swiftech MCR220 2x120mm Radiator $56

Silverstone RADSUPPORT09 $20

Swiftech Chrome 3/8-Inch Fittings, 2-pack $5

Swiftech Plastic Hose Clamps, 4-pack $6

2x Swiftech 3/8-Inch Neoprene Tubing Packs $26

2x Scythe S-Flex SFF21E 120mm Fan $30

Motherboard Evga 7801 FTW $320

RAM Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800 PC2-6400 - 4 GB $135

Graphics 2x Evga GeForce 9800GX2 - $840

Hard Drive 2x Western Digital Caviar WD 320GB $300

Case Silverstone Temjin TJ09BW $300

Power Ultra X3 1000W $350

DVD-RW - 2x LG GBW-H20L Black 6X BD-R 2XBD-RE 16X DVD+-RW BLU-RAY Burner OEM $600

Auxiliary Fan Antec SpotCool Motherboard Cooling Fan $20

Floppy Drive Ultra Card reader 1.44 MB Floppy Drive $40

Logitech G5 Laser Gaming Mouse 2000DPI USB Blue Black $70

Logitech G15 2ND Gen Gaming Keyboard $100

Monitor - Samung 40inch lcd TV $1000

Total Price $5,058

Hey Guys I Need Some Help, This Is The New Computer I Am Building & I Only Need The MotherBoard, Power Supply & Processor, Do You Think It Will Be Difficult To Over Clock It To 4GHZ I Appriceate Any & All Help And Advice On This Build THank You.
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  1. Shoot, w/that kinda price tag on everything and water cooling, why not go w/a intel xtreme cpu? though those aren't really worth it unless you go water cooling and are looking for a crazy overclock. Also, that price on the q9650 is a bit high. Check if you haven't already. On the Mobo side of things, I'd recommend you get something with an Nvidia 790i Ultra Northbridge. p35, p45, x38, x48 are all decided no's because you wont be able to run SLI with them. You will have to go w/an Nvidia chipset. As such check out this review on the 790i Ultra boards:,1977.html

    hope that helps
  2. Where are u getting ur prices?!?! $840 for 2 GX2s ( i got mine for $280) and $135 for 2x2 gigs....thats a lot


    Cpu: Q9550 (its half the price and has only .5 less multi)
    Power: Go with the Corsair HX 1000. Cheaper and better than the X3 but they are both great

    Gpu: DO NOT get 2 9800GX2s. They are great single cards, but theyre SLI scaling is horrible due to their little memory. Go with a X48 board and the 4870x2.

    Edit****: Y would u buy everything and then ask?!?! I mean those 2 GX2s are a waste of money. They are HORRIBLE with scaling and will give minimal performance gains.
  3. I would definately do research on people's experiences of the Swiftech H20-120 and specifically the Apogee pump/waterblock it comes with. I bought the H20-220 (which comes with the MCR-220 Rad) and the pump failed within 2 months (bearing shot). Not sure what other people have found, but I wasn't impressed. Lapped the Apogee pump/waterblock base and I didn't find the temps to be overwhelmingly better than good air coolers (error between idle and load temp was obviously better).
  4. Well Thanks A Lot Guys But The Sad Part Is i HAd Already Bought The 2 Evga 9800GX2, @ The Time For What I Though Were Great Deals Only To Find Out A Few Days Later That There Were End Of Life,i Am Stuck With Them Either Way PLus A Year Ago They Were The Cards Everyone Wanted, But Now With All The New Stuff No One Ever Looks At Them Anymore LOL Technology, It's Been Like 6 Months And Believe It Or Not I Am Still Not Done Building My Computer. Silerion77, Thanks I Took Your Advice And Got The Q9550, And The Corsair HX 1000 Instead, And It Does Fit My Graphic Cards Thanks. I Had Gotten 4 Gb Of Dominator Ram with The Fan So i am Hoping To Find A Evga 780i FTW To Finish Of The Build So I Can Put It Together And Start Benchmarking All The Rest Of Stuff Can Come Later, A 790i FTw Was One Sale One Day But When i gOt HOme It Was BAck To The Original Price of $400 and To This Day I Haven't Seen It ON Sale Again.
  5. Keep laughing .... Ill admit it again sometimez Im wrong...
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