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A few stupid questions... please reply

Last response: in Storage
April 7, 2009 2:51:19 AM

Hi, thanks for clicking on the link. Hopefully, you can generously spare some time to answer my very stupid questions :D 

1. How can I check if there are errors on my drive? I'm not really sure what these 'errors' are, I believe they are related to the SMART option in BIOS? Or are they like bad sectors or something? Can I fix them, and do they affect performance?
2. If I copy back and forth between 2 partitions on 1 HDD, will data get corrupted at all by any chance? Is there some way to prevent corruption, like on the spot HASH checks of every file copied?
3. I've been messing around a lot with my partitions, resizing and installing different OS. Is there any chance that there are junk files like boot loaders or something at the end or beginning of partitions that my PC will never need? I'm currently tri booting Vista/Win 7/Ubuntu
4. My friend said formatting is bad for my HDD... I've got a WD SE16 500gb, it has some disk protection features like lifting the drive head or something. I've also got a 120mm fan on the front of my case sucking in air on it. Will formatting once or twice a month shorten the life or damage the HDD?
5. After a while of using my PC, I can hear a click from my HDD every 5 seconds or so, and after a few hours, it stops. Is this usual and does anyone else experience this?


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Best solution

a b G Storage
April 7, 2009 4:15:38 AM

1. run check disk on the HD. You can go to the properties of the HD --> tools--> error checking
2. any time you move data you can corrupt it. However, if you simply copy and paste data, you shouldn't corrupt the original data. What is the situation you are thinking of?
3. I have little experience with this, someone else can probably help you here.
4. Formatting a drive is no different from deleting a file. It's still removing data off of the disk. It's not 'harmful'.
5. The only time I've heard a clicking from a HD, it was before it died. It caused a system pause for ~10 seconds every time it clicked. It died a couple months after it started. I would be careful what data you store on that drive.
April 7, 2009 8:26:49 PM

1. Ok that explains it pretty well thanks :) 
2. I started off with 2 partitions, 1 for data and 1 for OS. I put some stuff from the data partition in the recycling bin, and reformatted before emptying the recycling bin. Now the data is still there, so I'm planning on moving everything over to OS partition, format data partition, and move it all back. Around 100gb of stuff :S
3. :) 
4. :D 
5. :(  I don't think the drive causes any system pauses, as in I can still surf the web with the clicking, although my ram probably saves me in that case.... like I said, it doesn't always click. It only starts after 30 minutes of use or something... and then it goes away after a few hours. Do you think I should RMA it? How friendly is WD RMA, as in free shipping both ways?

Thanks for first reply :D 
a b G Storage
April 7, 2009 11:12:02 PM

I haven't dealt with WD. I've had 1 WD drive go bad, but I RMA'd it through newegg.