ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi AP X48 - Safest Fast 8GB Recommendation?

Hey all,

I'm researching a new build and plan on using the X48-based ASUS P5E3 Premium Wi-Fi @P motherboard. I understand it supports (amongh others) DDR3 1333, 1600, 1800 (O.C.) and 2000 (O.C.).

With the latter two, I know you're only supposed to use 2 DIMMs, so that's likely out as ideally, if not now (and possibly now...but at least upgradeable to in the future), I'd like to use four of the fastest 2GB modules I can for 8GB total memory.

But from what I'm reading, it's not even a good idea to run 1600 in all four sockets (and I guess this might not even work). I'm also reading reports these boards (all X48's) can suffer longterm damage if you oversaturate the memory bus?

So I guess what I'm asking is, assuming there is one, what's the fastest safe (both short and long-term) and stable 8GB configuration I could run with this board?

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  1. As far as I know you can't run more then 2x2G's sticks of 1600 or higher in the x48 boards, you can only have one stick of memory in each channel higher then 1600mhz. You can run more then 2 sticks of 1333mhz in it.
  2. Use the lower clocked ram. It's cheaper, and the performance difference is not noticable anyway.
  3. Thanks all! Always open to more feedback, but was able to find a bit more information, and yeah - it's sounding like the fastest you can do at 8GB is indeed 1333. Good to confirm that! Thanks and more feedback certainly welcome!
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