Need suggestions on hardware

I'm getting this during the easter holdiays cost: $1000-1750USD or $8000-$14000HKD with everything, case, mobo, psu, gpu, cpu, ram ,hdd, optical drive, case, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers etc.
These prices are all from Hong Kong-
Case-Antec 900
CPU-Intel C2D E8400/E8500(HKD$1500/2100)
Motherboard-P35/X38 from ASUS/Gigabyte
PSU-OCZ silence 750 quad crossfire(HKD$1339)
RAM-G-skill ddr2 1066 2gbx2/OCZ ddr2 800 2gbx2(HKD$1050/940)
Video Card-I can't find the HD3870x2 so this is the price of 2HD3870s-
HIS HD3870/ASUS DI-A3870/Gigabyte GV387512m/Sapphire HD3870(HKD$3500/3700/3360/3588)
HDD-Western Digital WD5000AKS 500gb/Samsung HD501LJ 500gb/320gb versions (HKD$944/865/679/598)
Optical Drive-LiteOn DH-20A3H 20x +/-R, 8x +RL/DL, 6x-R DL, lightscribe(HKD$240)
Monitor-BenQ G2400W 24inch 1920x1200/Dell E248WFP 24inch 1920x1200(HKD$2999/2688)
Mouse+Keyboard- logitech cordless wave
OS: Vista Home Premium/ Ultimate
I don't know the price of the case, mobo, mouse+keyboard and the cpu prices are actually E6750/E6850
I am planning to upgrade this in 2-3 years time with a yorkfield quad core, blu ray disk, ddr3 ram and better video card
If i get the p35mobo then i don't need the 750watt psu cuz i won't crossfire and is there a difference between ddr2800 and 1066?
Need suggestions on what components to improve and where to cut back. This is mainly for gaming(crysis, cod4, rainbow six vegas 2, far cry 2), internet, microsoft office etc.
I know this will be 100 times better than my old comp: p4 2.6ghz, 512mb ddr333, geforce mx440 :( .
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  1. comon no suggestions?
  2. It doesn't matter if you spend $500 or $1000 on a socket 775 board cuz in the fall, Intel will roll out Nehalem. If you don't overclock, get P35 & DDR2 800MHZ. I think you already know the difference between 800 & 1066mhz ram. The question is: is it worth it? Only you can answer that. The rest are ok.
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