USB dongle says stack problem

Hi all;
I am fifteen years into computers and sick of them for every year because of the usual problems. I had a life and a job and that took my time; I didnt have time to spend fixing the errors of MS and others over the years and usually let problems take over until a new computer was purchased; but today I need a fix for this latest problem. can you assist please?
I bought a new 3D Laptop Toshiba A660 type with i7 (crap)
Windows 7 with Ultimate update.
Norton 2011 with updates; little or nothing else on PC except MS Office.

Bought a USB BLUETOOTH Dongle to allow my bluetooth smartphone to share with laptop.

Dongle software installed; plugged in dongle (Logitech Ver 2.1 plus EDR Class 1).
Claims it is WINDOWS 7 Compatible...... (bullshoyte?)
however dead response. Software said ERROR, Computer says no, due to STACK PROBLEM.
Help messages send me to "screw you" and "fix it yourself" sites.
Links fail and nothing works.
Cannot connect to smartphone.

Two thousand pounds spent and more vomit to fix.

Sick of it.

What can i do without spending years of my life in this crap Microsoft; Toshiba and Logitech churn out that does not work as paid for? :pfff:
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  1. I discovered that some mobile phones; even smart ones can only do partial bluetooth. They can only connect to an earpiece; and cannot send or receive image/music files.

    According the the handset mobile carrier helplines.
  2. Kewl that the manufacturers keep the public in the dark about some of their temptation tricks?

    All advertising and little to back it up.
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