Unable to save files from Office 2007 to usb port or network server

Laptop, we had been able to save files to network server or usb, something happen, don't know what, and now we can not save anything from Office 2007 Word/Excel to server or a usb port. We can save any to the laptop itself. Also we can copy/paste file to network server or usb. Done all of the updates and I'm at a lost as to what to do next. Anyone have any idea of what to look. Finally, I did save a notepad document to the network. Help!!!
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  1. It seems that Microsoft Office is throwing a temper tantrum. You might want to try uninstalling Office, and reinstalling it. (if you are using Outlook, make sure to back up the .ost files)
  2. We seem to have found the problem. We uninstalled an update from Microscoft, KB980232, and we were able to save any file from Office 2007 to our server or to usb. But then overnight Microsoft sent that same update and we are back to square one. We will uninstall the update and turn off the automatic update feature. Maybe Microsoft will come with a fix to the fix.
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    yes, i hope they do. Good luck, glad you found the problem :)
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