I read memory FAQ and called G.SKILL...

...and first I got to say, it was so pleasant and wierd.

Two rings in I got someone at G.SKILL and they answered every question! No phone menus, etc. I never heard of this company but the reviews some of their products got seems great such as:


(which is now out :/)

But I have a quesiton from things I read and then just want to validate what he told me.

I've read many times that if going 4GB on a board, it is better (and have less problems) if you can go 2x2GB vs. 4x1GB.

Why is that? Timing issues? OC issues? or just easier to go to 8gb?

If I'm never going to 8GB, does it matter? Can I just choose any two 2x1GB kits from the same MFG and use them for 4GB?
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  1. Yes, he is right. More stable with 2 rather than 4 sticks. More overclockable.
    If you are using a 32-bit system you will only see~3.2GB. If using a 64-bit system you will see all the memory.
  2. You can use 1T instead of 2T in the memory setttings also with 2 sticks instead of 4.
  3. Actually I realize I left a key point out. The G.Skill guy told me there is no performance or stability issue with 4 sticks vs. 2 which went against some of what I was reading.

    He seemed nice and honest though but maybe says that because they obviously sell both configurations...

    What is 1T vs. 2T?
  4. I'm guessing it's all about points of failure.

    What I mean is, when speaking about overclocking, the least amount of parameters/instances of things to overclock, the higher your chances of getting big results.

    Getting 4 modules (or even Cores if you prefer) to overclock by 25% and being stable is harder than getting 2 modules/cores to overclock by 25%. If just a single module/core is of bad quality, then the rest can't go higher than it.

    So, multiple points of failure is the only reason I'd go 2x2GB, if I didn't care about OC whatsoever, I wouldn't be afraid of going 4x1GB from a quality RAM manufacturer.

    I hope that makes sense?
  5. doesn't it also have something to do with the mobo trying to supply power to 4 modules instead of 2? i think i read that somewhere.
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