Raid 0 worth it?

Alright well im looking for a quick performance boost and i heard RAID will do this. What do you think about RAID 0 with 2
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  1. I have a similar RAID0 in my work computer and I am using it
    for some software tests and benchmarks where reliability
    is not important.

    The actual performance is very dependent on specific operations.

    What you are planning to do with it?
  2. Depends how you define 'performance boost'. A RAID0 setup will improve load times (Windows startup, level loads in games, etc.) but it will not improve system responsiveness or FPS in games.

    In terms of the drives youve chosen, you will be fine with them.
  3. well yea im mainly going for faster startups because im the type of guy who counts how many loading bars i get and well i want 3 haha but im getting 6 also all i do is play games and listen to music on my computer
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