guide for oc'ing the amd athlon x2 6000+ ?

hey people,

i need a guide for overclocking the "AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+"
anyone could help me with this?
i want to get it to at least 3.3 ghz running stable
i need help on how to do timings and how to increase fsb, ram, etc. if anyone out there has a complete newbie oc'ing guide ill appreciate it if you share it with me..thx alot guys.
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  1. Diiego, Go into your Bios, go to CPU frequencies. There you'll find the multiplier, it's simple if you want it to go to 3.3ghz multiply it by 16.5..... 16.5X200FSB = 3.3ghz or you can up your FSB by 300 and multiply it by 11. You can do the Math 300X11= 3300 which is 3.3ghz

    All AMD CPU are 200mhz FSB stock

    Oh BTW is that CPU the BLACK EDITION?
  2. nope its not the black dual core
  3. my multiplyer is locked but i got the fbs up to 127
  4. Well, I just added a liq cooling system yesterday and over clocked my computer so far. So the goal you probably already know that the speed just depends on the FSB and the multiplier !!! The Main important goal is to get your FSB as high as possible and use prime95 and speedfan (to regulate the temp of your cpu) to make sure it is stable.

    I manage to get mine to 3.45 Gig. So my FSB was 265 and multiplier set to 13x -- [Motherboard and etc hardware will vary]

    You can self manage this yourself --> When you see window trying to boot but fails, try increasing your voltage " A LITTLE" ; can't stress that enough. If you manage to boot up windows and try openeing speedfan and prime95 with no freezing or unstable events happening, that over clock is stable so far. I would run prime95 for 10+ hours and if your cpu can run for that long of a stress, then you are fine. If not it will freeze on you and corrupt your speedfan file (maybe, hopefully not, but you can fix by reinstalling).

    So now you are thinking what shoukld i do now? Well Depending on your motherboard --> you should probably increase your Motherboard Voltage (Northbridge Voltage) just a little, by .1 V and your HTT Voltage by .1 [Or you don't need to Increase your HTT voltage that much, up to your system]. And perhaps you should set your HTT link speed a little higher, For me it was 800 Mhz.

    Now see if you can boot windows [for sure], and it should be able to run speedfan and prime95 correctly. So if you manage to do that, Run prime95 for 10+ hours to check if your settings is stable - then if nothing happens, you are Good---- GOOD LUCK!!!!

    BTW if you are goign to OC this Cpu --> I RECOMMEND LIQUID COOLING --> IT GETS HOT

    My Temperature from min load is 32 C to 49 C max load --> pretty good
    I'm not sure I can go higher, didn't try yet since I'm still stress testing it

    My Rig:

    Motherboard: MSI K9a Platnum
    RAM: 4X2 (8 gigs) OCZ SLi Ready [just a gimmick] 5-4-4-15 PC2-8000
    CPU: AMD X2 6000+ 3.45 gigs atm
    Cooling System: Swiftech Aquarium Kit Ultima ...something like that
  5. -My Stable oc Settings-

    -CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ windsor (15 x 220) 3.30 GHZ

    Core Voltage: 1.5 V

    -Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H 785G AM2+ (Updated Bios to f5g for 6 core cpu!)

    NB Voltage: 1.2v (+0.1 V Increased)

    -RAM: GeIL DDR2-800 1x4GB timings: 4-4-4-7

    DDr2 Voltage: 2.0 V

    -Zalman copper fan

    -Full load cpu temps are about 57-60
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