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I need help picking a new system and I've not kept up with the processor and MB market since the Core2 processors first came out.

Here is what I must have:
Intel ATX board
2 gigs of memory
Core2 processor

My budget on this is about $900 and the computer will be for an XP workstation environment with possible future Vista Business upgrade. I want to spend about 400-450 on this part of the system.
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  1. If you need 1394
  2. I wanted to try to use an Intel board too.
    Sorry for missing that in the first post.
  3. uwisuwerme7 said:
    I wanted to try to use an Intel board too.
    Sorry for missing that in the first post.

    You mean Intel brand mobo? Those listed above use the same Intel Chipset as any other Intel mobo, I have an Asus P5E which uses Intel's X38 Chipset. I don't even know of any Intel branded mobo, no one ever requests one. Crucial's Ballistix is some of the best reliable, stable dimms out there with a lifetime warranty. What will your workstation be doing mostly? If your workstation has a lot of things going on at once then a Q6600 or E8400 will do the trick.
  4. more especially a Q6600... though be wary; teh 45 nm Q9300/9450/9550 could be coming as soon as the tenth of March and offer more power at the expense of more price...
  5. Are you going to overclock? If so, look at something other than an Intel board. If your going to run stock speeds, Intel is good choice, they are very picky about ram though.
  6. Won't be overclocking...but I can't user quad core yet because some of the programs and machines that will be running on a few of the machines may not work well with that.
    They're going to mostly be in a banking environment and we did have issues with one machine when we switched to dual core P dual processors.

    Right now we have Intel 965LT boards and Pentium D 930 processors with Kingston 800 ram.
  7. If the board has a FSB of 1333 but we used say DDR2 800 ram would that force it to a slower FSB than what the board supports?
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