Will silent system be cool enough?

Hey guys,

I really want a silent (yet powerful) system.
So I was thinking I'd get me a ZALMAN RESERATOR 2.
My question is: Will it be able to keep my current system cool enough?

I would use it to cool my E8500 (@ 4.03 ghz) and two 8800GTX.
Is there any hope it will be able to cool them all and not just cause my system damage?
Thankful for a fast response since I'm more or less on my way our to buy one. :D

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  1. Read a bit:


    This one started with one of those, read comments.....

    Lots of recommendations here, no Reserator either

    I could post more. First thing is that does not have in any way the capability to cool all of that.

    2nd thing is you might even have to go to a 120x2 rad,pump, CPU block, hose, res for just the CPU.
    And then a 120x3 rad, pump, res, hose etc for the GPUs.

    On the low end for the CPU loop $250.

    GPU loop about $350.

    Sorry, big WC is expensive.
  2. Your system will suffer a fiery death if you try to cool everything with one of those.
    You will need at least 2 actively cooled watter loops to keep everything you want to cool cool.
    One for the CPU and a larger one for the GPU's.
    Add the pumps, blocks, radiators, fans and other parts together and you are looking at spending a bundle.

    Your money would go much further with a bunch of silent 120mm fans and a cool case to fit everything in.
    Course, if $$$ is no issue, a proper watter loop can keep it cooler and (maybe) a little quieter.
  3. Outlw6669, LOL HAHAHAHA I couldn't of said it better!

    Fiery Death! Thanks HAHAHA!!!!!
  4. Argh! Thanks mates, I wasn't thinking really. :)
    So, any tips for me? The CPU cooler I have is really quiet but the stock-coolers on the 8800GTX sounds like a spitfire engaging it's target, horrible.
    Is there any better (and quieter way) to cool my cards?
    Thank you all for your replies, it's how I learn. :P

    EDIT: The case I have is a Thermaltake Kandalf LCS. It has a quite good watercooling-system but will not be enough to cool my current system, is there any additions I can make to it perhaps?
    My original plan was to use the cooling system from my chassi but replace the pump with a Innovatek HPPS-Pump (http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2125/ex-pmp-09/Innovatek_Eheim_HPPS_Plus_12V_Water_Pump_1321_GPH_500733-01.html).
    It pushes around 500 L/h (132.1 gal/h). But that's still not enough, right?
    Argh! Oh well. Back to the drawing board. :(
  5. Take a look at Thermalright GPU coolers. I think, since you got only (ONLY LOL) dual Xfire you can use their coolers and some low speed fans to cool the cards. Of course overall good case flow is key, the heat has to still leave the case. I was air on my 8800GT for a while, and TR did me good, temps were awesome. For you, it has to fit, but it will be quiet and your cards will thank you.

    If the Wc for the CPu is good enuff, and you are only worried about the GPUs, then water is the key, you can put a rad of the back of the case. Again cost is a key. A loop will like I said, be $350, and another $100 for top notch, full cover blocks, quiet powrful rad, great pump, good res, quality fans, and quality hose. I spent $600+ to cool my CPU, 8800GT, and NB, and it's very quiet and powerful. I have UG to a 280GTX and a new $140 block to cool it, still cool and quiet. Not cheap.

    Enuff blather. The RADIATOR in that system can only cool xxx watts of heat, no matter what pump or supersonic fans you can get. TT watercooling is a great noob start, but it's really limited. In short, the pump/rad/hose size etc is crap.

    I have seen tags like this "Friends don't let friends buy Thermaltake WC".

    If it cools the CPU to your needs then great, replace it when it breaks etc.

    I'll steer you to some more technical links, please spend a few days (DAYS) reading posts, searching, learning.

    Great place, not wayyy over the top with uber WC guys.
    Uber place, owned by one of the worls winning OC guys in the world. Not a place to post or ask questions by noobs, but an awesome place to learn.
    Another good place to learn
    The GURU of independant testing, worshipped by many.
    Great places to buy WC stuff

    Hope it helps, see ya in a few days, get edumacated!
  6. Petra's has a sale on the Swiftech MCR-320's...$49. I think it's high time to pick up a pair of these... :D
  7. Ordered and on the way. Whoo hoo! Dual 3x120mm radiator goodness.
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