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Need heatsink/fan to match airflow of Antec 900.

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October 8, 2008 4:44:05 PM

Their wasn't a topic I could find that was specific to my question so here I am posting ^^.

I bought my computer a little over a year ago, and what needs to be known is that I have a q6600 inside, it's in an Antec 900 case, that I've exchanged mobo's without reapplying thermal gel, I'm still using the heatsink/fan that came with the cpu and I now want to overclock my q6600.

I had issues before when I tried overclocking and gave up, and now I finally know why I had issues with overclocking. My temperaturs were way too high, and were going above the warning amount set on my mobo, so my system would restart.

When I set all my settings back to factory and started from scratch again, I first realized my cpu temp was at ~48c. When I tried overclock, without changing the factory vcore, to 2.6ghz my temperature jumped to ~56c. These temperatures are at idle... so you could imagine how bad they would be under load. Needless to say my computer would restart everytime it tried to go into windows. These temperatures would also explain why I was getting random restarts at times.

To add more information my case temperature pretty much stays between 20-30c, although more than often it's in the low 20's.

So now I've realized I need to reseat my heatsink and fan this time with new thermal gel, but after reading some stuff I'd be wise and a good person to my computer if I bought a new heatsink/fan before overclocking.

Another peice of information to add. This may be particular to my tower, because the Antec 900 if you know or not has a giant top fan, one back fan, and one side fan, then 2 fans at the front. So the configuration is a big strange. Currently my configuration is as follows:

IN....= 2 front fans and side fan.
OUT.= giant top fan and back fan.

So air will go from the front and side of my case to the back and top of my case and out, which explains all the dust on my wall and on the things on my wall =P.

So with this in mind what heatsink/fan would you recommend. Looking at where the cpu is, I'm afraid some heatsinks will block airflow. The cpu is actually located near the top back, so the two fans blowing out are right beside it and will immediately blow any hot air from the cpu out, just as long as the cpu fan doesn't stick out so far its pressed against my case.

If im crazy thinking it matters, just tell me, otherwise recommend me a heatsink/fan for my case please ^^. (So far the one I was looking at is here.)

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October 8, 2008 5:25:15 PM

I'm with englandr753. I have the exact same Zalman in my Antec 900...and I couldn't be more pleased. It basically uses the fan and vent on the top of the case to shoot the air that comes off of the Zalman right out of the case. Also, it will securely sit on the motherboard with the mounting bracket that goes on the back side.

I have the Q9550 and the temps hover around 29-32, and 40-45 under load. This setup I have found to be highly effective.
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October 8, 2008 5:25:57 PM

funkjunky said:
I've exchanged mobo's without reapplying thermal gel, I'm still using the heatsink/fan that came with the cpu and I now want to overclock my q6600.

I think you've come to the right conclusion in looking for an aftermarket heatsink, both things quoted above are what's getting in the way of system stability and OC'ability. My suggestion:

Xigmatek S1283 - $37
and Bolt-Through Kit - $7


Scythe Ninja 2 - $50
they also have a bolt-through kit, but Newegg doesn't carry it ( does though)

Thermalright Ultra 120 and Ultra 120 Extreme would also fit the bill for a price premium (not available at Newegg currently).
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October 8, 2008 5:31:43 PM

I agree with these choices. as far as directional air flow, it owuld be best to point the exhaust from the hs/fan out the blowhole on top. You will get the heat in your computer out that way the quickest, as it has a higher cfm rating than the 120 fans.
However it shouldn't be a problem using the exhaust fan on the back of the case as well.

I use a thermalright ultra 120 hs with a 120mm fan pointed toward the big boy with a AMD 9850 oc'ed to 3.1 ghz and idle 31C load 42-43.
October 8, 2008 5:38:19 PM

Good to know. Fyi I'm cursed to live in Canada and have much higher prices on computer parts without newegg =(.

Something confused me about the Xigmatek. The pictures show the fan and the heatsink seperate, and I didn't see any screw holes in the heatsink. So where does the fan go on the heatsink? O.o

edit: Another question, do I NEED the backplate if I get the Xigmatek? If not, does it help that much? I don't even really know what it does >.>;;
October 8, 2008 5:57:30 PM

The backplate gives better contact (ie. heat transfer) and is much easier to mount than the Intel-pushpin design. You do not need it, but it makes life a lot easier.
October 8, 2008 6:05:22 PM

KyleSTL said:

The backplate gives better contact (ie. heat transfer) and is much easier to mount than the Intel-pushpin design. You do not need it, but it makes life a lot easier.

Actually, I didn't have any issues installing the regular push pins. Maybe I had too much experience installing my intel cooler?!? :D  I guess it is more of a personal opinion, but i would suggest getting the backplate since it does ensure that your cooler is mounted properly and the push pin design is a little difficult.
October 8, 2008 6:08:24 PM

wow when did the Canadian site get put up, this blows my mind. I remember pricing the computer I have now for about $200 less than, but had to go with ncix when I found out newegg didn't chip to Canada. I now have a third option for buying parts =)[tigerdirect, ncix, newegg]. Too bad I'll still have to pay outragous shipping costs still [$15 standard ups]. ;) 

after this point, it actually appears as if ncix is selling the s1283 cheaper than newegg by about $3, plus shipping appears to be cheaper.

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to order it along with some thermal compound now.

EDIT: fyi looking at the forums for ncix, some people posted pics of modding their case fans so they could fit the fan in the case. Apparently the s1283 will hit the top corner of a case fan in the 900, but if you cut off the plastic corner then it fits fine. Just an fyi ^^. I'll see when I get the hsf.
October 8, 2008 8:28:42 PM

Yeah, I too had to do a little casemodding to fit my s1283 in my apevia x-plorer case. Just had to remove the exhaust chute on the side panel. the only trouble i had was finding the right nuts and bolts (go figure). :D 
October 19, 2008 8:50:13 AM

fyi, I after receiving my hsf, supplies, and taking a steak knife to my side fan. My cpu is now stably clocked at 3.33ghz ^^.