Windows XP immediately shut down during start up

I have one computer currently having problem to start up Windows. When power on computer during windows loading then suddenly it immediate shuting down. I have to keep pressing power button four to ten time to get system to booting up and it was really frustrated because this problem appearing more that one time. I have do the checking on power colt and all the cable connection it was working fined somemore without the harddisk the system running well but once I plug in the harddisk then the problem appeared. Not sure that would it be the harddisk issues or windows. I also tempted to do a test by formating my harddisk and reinstall windows it was working fined for the first day then coming day the nightmare appearing again keep immediate shutting down. Currently I have no clue would it be my harddisk issues or other causes make this to happen. So might need your expertise to advice. Thanks
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  1. Try doing a repair of the windows system using the follow steps in the thread below:
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