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I am in need of a new computer, but I have poor credit. I know most of yall are gonna say wait and save, but I cannot as my computer is going as I type. I do not want a standard pre-customized computer, but I want to customize one myself due to the fact that I want it to last for a few years, not just 1 year. I also know a lot of yall are gonna say buy the parts and build it yourself, but I cannot do that unless I can get all the parts on financing as well. If anyone has any suggestions about where I can buy a custom laptop/computer or the parts for a computer with bad credit I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. I's going to be more difficult than usual at the moment but with so many people in the same position, a local PC Fixer might take the pragmatic view that any turnover is better than none, and extend some less formal credit to you. It can't hurt to ask but you will be at his/her mercy when it comes to prices and then an interest charge on top. Why not start out with the basics and add the more specialist stuff in yourself at a later date when things improve.

    If someone came to me and said they don't owe anyone anything and have a regular income but a bad history, I would take that view. You're not exactly one in a million in today's world.
  2. Shoot me a pm, I can help you out.
  3. asktod said:
    Shoot me a pm, I can help you out.

    Hey could you send me a PM asktod.
  4. I'm closing this thread before it gets silly. Bear in mind that off-Forum deals can be risky and we don't know that the the help asktod claims to be able to offer isn't a very high interest loan. We do know, however, that his offer was five months ago.
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