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Hard disk vibration noise

Last response: in Storage
April 8, 2009 4:22:32 PM

My backup hard drive, a Seagate 200 Gb internal drive, has a very quiet periodic hum with a period of about 10 seconds. I don't notice the hum if the drive hangs loose in the case. However, when it is securely fastened in its bay this vibration translates to the chassis, with a very annoying loud hum that gets louder and quieter every 10 seconds or so. Is there anything I can do to dampen the vibration and keep it from translating to the chassis? There's virtually no clearance between the sides of the drive and the chassis otherwise I would insert some kind of pad.

I could replace it but why waste a perfectly good drive. Thanks for any help.
April 8, 2009 4:45:43 PM

loosen the fasteners and insert some cotton batting - even a small amount - between the chassis and the drive sides - re-fasten.