overclock E8200

Trying to build something for around $600. Im going with the geforce 9800 GT, dont worry about hdd's. I want to get the e8200 and raise it from 333 to 400 putting it at 1600.

Assuming I will need ddr2 800, looking for 2gb (dual channel)

Looking for a board and RAM recommendation.

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  1. Any DDR2-800 RAM rated at 1.8V or 1.9V should work fine for you. As for MB, pick an Intel-chipset-based MB with your desired features and price range (of course, make sure it can run 1600MHz FSB!).
  2. I went with an Asus p5k-se. It has an Intel P35 north bridge and I'm hitting FSB of 450, which puts my CPU @ 3.6. Not too much $$ either. I have all SATA drive, but I hear that if you use older drives the board can be annoying. Go for any decent brand DDR2 800 and that will get you to a 400 FSB.
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