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Vista no longer genuine after updating RAM.

Hello all, I'm quite frustrated...

I have a genuine, validated, legit, activated Vista Ultimate which I got a couple of years ago when I built my gaming machine.

Today, I bought some more RAM and threw it in thinking, no problems. It's like a three minute job right?

Three hours later... I still am unable to make Vista recognise that it is genuine.

It asks for Activation, did that, it thanked me, says it is activated.

Went to website to validate genuine copy and that all went fine, rebooted, and sometimes it says it is not genuine, other reboots it doesn't.

Either way, I am unable to do anything like updates to Windows, even some programs fail to load. Heck, as much as Internet Explorer crashes normally, it feels like Windows is preventing things from loading and thinking that I am not genuine.

After three hours of fart-assing about, and I'm not a total nooB to these things, I ended up pulling the new RAM out and throwing the old stuff back in and everything is sweet again.

Vista is once again, validated, genuine, activated, programs load up fine, updates to Windows will download and so on.

What the hell is Microsoft doing? Updating internal hardware is things we all do... why would they stop us from doing it?

People say I can phone Microsoft... well, I could... but I am in Australia... and on a different time-zone... and besides... why should I have to? I don't get it.

Is there a simple way that I can update my gaming PC to have more RAM without going through this stuff?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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    Usually only after several hardware changes does this happen.You will have to phone Microsoft to activate.
  2. Display adapter
    SCSI adapter
    IDE adapter
    Network adapter MAC address
    RAM amount range
    Processor type and serial number
    Hard drive device and volume serial number
    Optical drive
    Motherboard Info

    Changing a few of these could cause an activation fail ^
  3. How flipping frustrating. It's always the legitimate user who has to suffer this crap. Piraters would not even have this issue.


    Guess I have to phone Microsoft.

    Thank you for your replies, appreciated.
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