BIOS and CPU's, confused... little help?

Will this board: MSI P6N Platinum LGA 775
Work out of the box with an e8400? I'm confused about how a BIOS effects the compatibility of the CPU.
This is my first Intel rig in a very long time. :\

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Needs bios 1.6 so you may need to update Bios.
  2. yeah, I noticed that. But does it mean I'm completely screwed if I don't have another LGA775 CPU laying around?

    Also, the support list says NO for Yorkfields
    Does that mean that my upgrade options will be extremely limited?
  3. Unless they get another Bios fix to support them.

    Buy a e1200 for like $50 to change your bios. After your done with it I'll buy it from you for $35.00 garunteed.

    Your out $15 and got your new cpu runnin and we are both happy.
  4. Hmmm.... I'm currently at a workstation that I just noticed is running an e4500 :D. Thanks for your offer dude, I would probably do it too, but I think I'll just use this thing to flash it if I encounter any problems.
  5. As long as you got permission to yank that CPU out go for it.
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