WD Black 1.0 TB operating temp (WD1001FALS).. what's yours?

Just added a WD1001FALS drive to my system. It's been idle for about 1/ 2h now and idle temp is kinda on the high side relative to my other drives. This WD drive is 39 C which is about 7 C hotter than my other HDD which is a 32 C. Room temp is 68 F. Is 39 C normal for this particular drive? If you have this particular HDD, please post your drive's idle temp.

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  1. Using everest my 1tb is showing 31c and my velociraptor is showing 27c
  2. Your idle and operating temps are going to depend a lot on your case.

    I have a couple of WD10EADS (the "green" ones) in the lower drive bay of an Antec 900 case. The fan in the lower bay blows cool outside air over the drives. All three of my drives are running about 23 C.

    If your case has no provision for directly cooling the drive, 39 C. does not seem out of line.
  3. 24C for mine, but the intake fan is directly blowing over it. 39C is fine for a hard drive honestly, as most are rated for anything between 0 and 60C or so.
  4. How hot do your drives run wo/ the fan cooling them in comparison to with the fan running? Maybe wait for your room temp to stabilize (i.e. no direct sunlight, heat/AC running etc.) and see what the drive's idle is w/ the fan, unplug the fan (which you can do while the PC is running) and wait 1 h or so and check it again if you're willing.
  5. My Antec case fans are all set to LOW, but it is simply to much work to go in and try to unplug the lower fan.
  6. Here is a shot of the temps pf all my drives, I don't have any of the blacks but there are three of the RE3 drives in there. And a shot of the cage which is right behind a 180mm intake fan.

  7. 34C for mine and Speed Fan is showing the arrow going down.
  8. Mine runs at 34 degrees in a Shuttle K45. I added an 80mm fan at the back as the Shuttle only has a tiny PSU fan in it.
  9. 30C for mine. It's in one of Thermaltake's iCage's for converting a 3x 5 1/2 bays into 3x HDD bays with a fan. The iCage is made of aluminum as well which probably helps. The other 2 drives in there are also running at 30C. The drives that are in the 3 1/2 HDD bays are running at 35C and they're made of plastic and have a fan as well. My case is the Thermaltake Advance Spedo.
  10. 39C with AC off in the middle of summer. It should be <35C with AC on.
  11. I have many of these drives. They are my favorite drives for capacity. iIf you go to this web sites it says the drive's operating temperatures. Click on this and go to Specifications and scroll down.
    I don't really know what my hard drives operating temperature is but i am sure that is less than the 60C. This is the max operating temp of the western digital caviar black 1 tb 1001Fals drives.
    so if you operating temp is in the 30's then I think your set. It might be the case that they are warmer than other hard drives but are well with in the operating temperatures. If you are still worried about it there are many hard drives coolers that will add noise to your case and cool your hard drive at the same time.
  12. 25-27C depending on the temperature inside. I also have an Antec 900 which helps a lot.

    @ Ancient_1

    Damn, got enough drives?? :P
  13. This Google study (PDF file) of hard drive failure rates in their server farm suggests that temperatures below 30C actually contribute to higher early failure rates. From the information in this study it looks like the optimum temperatures for hard drives are in the 35-40C range or thereabouts.
  14. Agreed with Sminlal!

    The study came as a surprise as electronics uses to like cool temperatures, but as Google is the world's biggest disk user, makes careful maintenance and was so kind as to share its knowledge, we must just believe them.

    So, forget disk coolers and keep your money.
  15. Pointertovoid said:
    So, forget disk coolers and keep your money.
    Well, you're going to need some cooling to keep the temperatures from getting too high. According to the Google study, high temperatures (around 50C and above) are significantly worse than low temperatures.

    Everything in moderation! ;)
  16. 39c ON IDLE!!! Lets use some common sense.......first of all I think 39c is a little high. to make a long story short Should be running 25c- 26c idle in a ROOM TEMPERATURE environment ie. 22c. If you start to write data to it........ like start unloading 6 months worth of footage from your HD Camera you will see the temperature in the hard drive rise to approx 28c-30c (max)depending on your processor and how fast it can send data to the drive. So to finally answer this question I will make it simple...... lets just say that a normal hard drive in the average case will reflect a temperature which will be 3c-5c above the temperature of the room on idle and under heavy load will reflect temperatures which will be 7c-8c higher than the temperature of the room. Anything higher than that can be helped by adding cooling fans. Or simply removing the cover to the side of the computer. But 39c on IDLE!!! This is a personal computer we are talking about here!!!

  17. 43 is quite a bit higher than I've seen in a while (the home server doesn't have temps checked too often). I'm happy to see that Google report though, some solace there.
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