Ide hdd not regognnised not found

Hello, i am having a problem my pc dont recognise the hdd but on start menu black screen its says the following
Auto detect Pri Master not detected
Auto detect Pri Slave
not detected
Auto detect Sec Master Atapi cd rom
Auto detect Sec slave press esc to abort
or if you restart the pc
there on the last one it says atapi cd rom
sec master 1.05 Nec DVD RW ND3550A
Sec slave TSO5 TSST corp DVD ROM SHD162C
But the question is why the othe IDE on board not working?
on the Standard CMOS all are selected in auto
on the AMIBIOS SETUP ist boot device its IDE 0
2ND boot device its FLOPPY
3rd boot device its cd rom
from Andys 18
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    In BIOS, hunt down a setting for AHCI and change it to IDE and hope BIOS can recognise the disk. Seems to me you have two choices. Then, if Microsoft can't mount your hard disk, either take it out and run Checkdisk on it in another system - transferring your personal files while you can if you have the choice - or run a LiveCD of a Linux OS which probably could mount the disk.

    The first and most important thing is to get BIOS to be able to "see" the disk.
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