SLI 7900 GS or single 8800 GT?

Hi, I am looking for an upgrade for my graphics (after I upgrade my rig), and am trying to decided whether to spend the extra bucks for a SLI board. I was planning on getting a single slot board, and then eventually just upgrading my current BFG NVIDIA Geforce 7900 GS OC to a 8800 GT or GTS. I just remembered the option of SLI, and am not sure if it would be worth it to SLI it. It isn't hard to find another 7900 GS on ebay or something for $100. Would it be worth it to SLI? Does anyone know where I can find a 7900 GS SLI performance chart? There is none here on Tomshardware. Thanks.
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  1. Forget SLI 7900GS. Newer games like UT3, crysis, COD4, Oblivion, a single 8800GT is way better. It's hard to find GF7 SLI vs GF8 benchies. but one thing is for sure, you will not get 100% scaling. So if an 8800GT beats the 7900GS by 100%, it will easily beat 7900GS SLI. And a single 8800GT is often now way above 2 times a 7900GS or even faster 7900GT.

    The 7900GS was in most of these games tested in this review too, so look over each game.
  2. but my BFG 7900 GS looks so much cooler! hahaha. Alright, I looked at a SLI comparison here between a 7800 GTX (which is pretty close to a 7900 GS) and a single 7900 GS and 8800 GT. The single 8800 beat the 7800 by a ton. I found a few 7900 GS cards on ebay that are Identical to my current one, and seem to be going extremely cheap. I will get them regardless if they stay that way (as I will be upgrading my GPU probably around Christmas, and I don't want to wait that long) Thanks for your help man.
  3. Dude by Christmas the real next gen cards will be out and 8800GT, and 9600GT and HD3800 series will be DIRT cheap.
    How many topics are you making to ask a few questions? lol jk
  4. haha, I just like asking alot of questions so in the morning I can have everything I need to know at once :)
  5. Good idea. So in the other thread you aren't going to upgrade your gpu? You said here something about christmas.
  6. doomsdaydave11 said:
    haha, I just like asking alot of questions so in the morning I can have everything I need to know at once :)

    [:mousemonkey:2] If you are intending to run Sli'd 7900 GS's on your new shiny 22"@1680 x 1050, I think you may be disappointed in how much they will struggle to perform. Just some food for thought :whistle:
  7. a single 8800gt outperforms 7900gs sli
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