Can anyone tell me which drive i should use to bootup into Win XP.
Should i use the 36GB 15K MAXTOR OR 136GB 10K SEAGATE to load windows onto.

I have a scsi bay that can take up to 5 drives.
I have a 136gig Seagate 10K, 2x 36gig 15K Maxtors and a 36gig 10K Hitachi drive.
I also have a PCI ADAPTEC SCSI CARD 29160 ULTRA160 SCSI CONTROLLER that connects to a 68pin cable onto the bay with all the drives slotted in.

What is the best possible way for me to connect them all up to get the best performance out of the drives.
My machine is a Geforce 64bit 6100 mboard with a 3800+ single core cpu with 1gig ram.
I also have a 750 gig WD and a 500gig Seagate external.

Any view will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Simple, if you want max performance and don't mind higher risk of data loss, then run the 2 Maxtors in Raid 0. Or run them in Raid 1 for data safety AND you should still be able to increase read performance vs a single drive. If you only want to use a single drive, then certainly use the Max 15k due to much faster random access.
  2. Keep in mind though that the max for the entire PCI bus about equal to the speed of the 15k drive alone. Running both drives on that controller will completely saturate the PCI bus and likely be a huge bottleneck.

    EDIT: You could really improve performance by getting a PCIex controller and bypassing the pathetic PCI bus. Your board has a 16x slot and a 1x slot. The 1x slot will give you about roughly 5 times the available bandwidth. And if you dont need a discreet video card, you can get more bandwidth than you will ever need from the 16x slot.
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