Need advice on a few watercooling components

Hello, I'm looking to make a watercooling setup for my new PC and I've been looking at what the stores here offer (I live in Croatia) and the selection is very limited - cheap Thermaltake stuff that is not very good or very expensive stuff like the Zalman Reserator and all kinds of stuff which is too pricy for what it offers... until I ran into this webshop here which seems to import components from some resellers in UK and has some very nice watercooling components, and for the same money as I'd give for a full kit I can get some very good components here...unfortunately the selection here is still not on par with what you can buy in the USA but I think theparts are pretty good, albeit pretty costly. Still, if I'm shelling out that much money on this system I need to make sure what I'm buying is worth the money so I'd appreciate a few opinions and hints though there's not much wiggle room because in some cases it's the only thing I can buy here.

Pump: Laing 12V DDC-1T
Reservoir: EK-Multioption rezervoar 400
Radiator: Magicool Pro III 360 (and the stand for it)
CPU Block: EK Supreme Acetal
Pump cover (for better flow ? ):

I don't know if I'd also add MOSFET/Northbridge cooling to the loop, it's damn expensive as it is.
How good are these components? There's not much to choose from in this web shop unfortunately.
Would it be possible to cool CPU/NB/MOSFET in one loop or would it reduce cooling performance?
Is a 3x120 mm fan radiator good enough? Will it be too loud? I already have a 4870X2 fan running at
50% :??:

The rest of the specs are:

Core2Quad Q6600 (would OC to 3.6, 3.8... or as far as I can go without raising voltage over 1.5 V, don't wanna reduce CPU life)
Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 (do I need any special backplates for this motherboard? or can I mount it with the stuff that comes with the EK block?)
Sapphire HD 4870 X2 (if I would cool this card later on with water, I'd probably need another loop with a more powerful pump, more rads or what not ? )

The case is a Stacker 831 ( NOT SE, doesn't have precut water holes, another problem, but I suppose I can always drill them, :pt1cable: )

And thats about it...
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  1. Doing Mosfets are overly expensive for what you get. NB is another story. If you do your NB with water, and you will need at least go aftermarket air if your trying to hit 3.6, you'll have to do the Mosfets and SB with aftermarket air because you'll have to pull all the connected heatpipes off.
  2. If going with that setup, Id definitely get 1) An aftermarket top, 2) a smaller res. the 400mm is ridiculously large (get the 1/2 50)
    3) Switch the Supreme for the Swiftech GTZ. It gives the same performance with less hindrance on flow (if u ever want to add NB or the such)

    The Rad is as loud as the fans that u r putting on it. High CFM = better performance = louder
  3. That CPU @ 3.6-3.8 will cool just fine with a good 120 MM heatpipe air cooler.

    Take the money you would spend on water and buy a better CPU, a Q9550 or Q9650.
  4. roadrunner197069 said:
    That CPU @ 3.6-3.8 will cool just fine with a good 120 MM heatpipe air cooler.

    Take the money you would spend on water and buy a better CPU, a Q9550 or Q9650.

    Agreed. I don't see the point on buy inferior products so you can buy expensive cooling.
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