Recovering Deleted Partition on External HDD

I recently was reformatting my computer, and through the XP installation screen, I deleted the only partition of my backup hard drive (WD My Book). I did not format the hard drive so all the data is still there. I did a quick google search for it and found there were hundreds of results for software to recover a deleted partition, however I don't know which one would be the best for the job.

Thanks for the Help.
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  1. Or is there a way I can just recover the data off of it?
  2. I got the same problem, except I my case I trashed the partition table when I mounted it in Linux.

    A few years ago I used partition magic to rebuild a partition without destroying the data; guess what it did? It crashed and wiped the drive. Was I unlucky? Has partitionmagic improved? Or is there a better choice?
  3. Once I've lost my windows partition which contains lots of files and documents which were very important to me and my business. And finally i got my answer try it may be it also works for you
    This worked for me so sharing hope it will work for you too
    Since you just deleted the partition without doing any other operations, there is a guide for you to recover your deleted partition in a few seconds.for any guidance contact me
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