How To Video: Cable Management with Ties

We perform cable management to PC with PCP&C PSU in just over an hour with Cable Ties

Jay's "Opeth" Tribute system specs

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 Conroe 2.33GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor
Abit IP35 Pro Motherboard
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler
Lian Li PC-7 plus midtower
PC Power & Cooling "Silencer" 610W
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  1. Wow, cutting off PSU wires, I have never heard of that. Did it accur to anyone that the lose of those wires could not only create a very real possibility of a short, but also can allow the metal of the wires and in turn the components inside the PSU to corrode quickly? Please, kids at home, do NOT cut PSU wires EVER, its a very dumb thing to do for many more reason than I or the guy in the video have listed, especially when the term "warranty" is in use.

    Thanks MonsterMawd for the video, it will help many people out and it even gave me an idea with my PC P&C 750w (No, I'm not going to cut the wires).
  2. ^ I have cut of/extend them to correct size, but after the introduction of moduler PSUs I haven't done it for a while. What you need to realize is that doing so WILL void the warranty and you have to be very careful. You must solder all cut ends and cover them with a good layer of electrical tape. A more neater/professional way is to de- solder the wires from PCB, but it depends on the PSU.

    A better idea would be to cut holes in the case and reroute wires/ hide wires.
  3. Agree, don't cut your PSU wires!

    You have to wonder if/when PCP&C will produce a modular PSU?
  4. Cable job in Harley Davidson theme PC

  5. Well, my desk has an octopus coming out of it. I found some great sources for manageing those pc cables around your desk too!, cable safe My friend Dave turned me onto hook & loop velcro cable ties for organizing larger cables, sold here Theres also cable conduit you can use.
  6. I put extra, color coded, cable sleeves on the cables coming from my computers and run them under the carpet, just a little O.C.D. setting in.
  7. hehe ^ I wish I had a carpet under my desk.
  8. Ralf Hutter who reviews for silentpc-review, performs the cleanest & most air flow efficiant cable jobs I've seen yet.

    Antec 3700

    Thats how you use ribbon cables!

    Antec 3700

    Antec SLK2650-BQE
  9. Nice work with that! :)
    Monster, I see your AMD special in the background, looks like a monster! :D
    I have been meaning to sort out the cables and the PSU in my case so I'll do that today.
    I'll post some pics to show the difference as well!
  10. Sorry, double post!
  11. love the purple RAM.
  12. Thank you! Ralf's secret is using flat ide cables that he can tuck away in cramp areas, versus the bulky ide rounded cables.
  13. Foamy brought his computer into the workshop again, so we've Before and After shot

  14. Still no purple RAM, GO PURPLE RAM!
  15. antec p182
  16. ^ awesome job ifor! :ouch:
  17. Nice jobs on the wiring guys.
    To me a wiring job is only as neat if the case allows you to and the CoolerMaster Cosmos (got the RC-1000), is not one of them.
    Even my old cheap $45 case has better cable routing paths.

    The Antec P180 cable management is better than the Cosmos.
  18. here is the backside.

    and closeup.

    and thank you, MonsterMawd.
  19. Great job Ifor, damn even the back is neat. I'm afraid to show the back of mine...

    BUT i did go through and tidy things up a bit. Got some pics.


    and After
  20. Ifor nice Xigmatek cooler. Looks pretty good lucuis, you just might want to rearrange how the 24 pin and other connectors around it come out, you should be able to make more organized and that is one of those areas where you need good cable management.
  21. The_Blood_Raven said:
    Still no purple RAM, GO PURPLE RAM!

    i thinks it is corsair XMS2, black and purple, good stuff too.
  22. Damn I feel retarded for never thinking to use the backside the mobo tray for that.
  23. Modular PSU? For the.. win? <3

    Be careful routing cables directly behind your mobo (i.e. under the socket), it can cause damage.

    As a side note, I was a telecom tech for a while, and zip ties / tie straps are the #1 used items when installing IADs, PBX solutions and the like :kaola:
  24. the cables are NOT routed under the mobo but behind the mobo tray. big difference.
  25. Antec is now including holes and cable ties for cable management in their cases, check out the review of the P180 Mini we did over this past weekend, it's the latest blog entry
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