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I'm having some major trouble with my Sony Vaio Notebook.

I removed ESET Nod32 Antivirus, as it was causing a ton of software conflicts. As soon as I did this, the computer rebooted, and I got a BSoD.

At this point, all I want is to reinstall Windows XP Professional SP3, and start fresh.

When I insert disc 1 (of 3), the system boots...Vaio screen, then Starting Vaio recovery utility. Powered by Windows (with status bar). Status bar slowly fills up, then goes to a light blue screen and just hangs there.

Sony wants $129 for a remote access fix, and I don't have that kind of scratch this week. Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. sheatan66 said:

    I'm having some major trouble with my Sony Vaio Notebook.

    I have never had one of those machines. I'll speak from other experiences that might work for you.

    If you have any option at all to enter the repair console, do it. (If not, see other underlined method below)

    Have your recovery CD in the drive. Try to find the i386 folder on the CD. (Check all 3 of your CD's, it should be on one of them).
    If it can be found, enter this: CD <drive letter and colon>\i386
    you should now be logged on to the CD's i386 directory.

    Enter Winnt.exe and press Enter. (Not Winnt32.exe)
    This will start the Windows setup.

    Setup will show a screen verifying the location of the setup files. If it is correct, click continue, if it is wrong (unlikely) make it proper.

    Read all prompts, at some point it will show all drives and partitions and offer to reformat your drive.
    Use the cursor keys and highlight the existing Windows XP installation to be formatted. Format in the NTFS file system if it is not already NTFS. (if it is already NTFS, "Quick Format " is ok.

    After the format completes, Setup will continue to copy files and install Windows. Have your CD Key ready, you will need it.

    Complete installing Windows and install drivers, starting with the chipset.

    If you have any option at all to start Windows in safe mode, do it.

    If you are in Safe Mode, click "Run" and browse to the i386 folder on the CD.
    Click on "Winnt32.exe" and click Ok. Check all 3 of your CD's, it should be on one of them.

    A setup screen will appear, choose to install Windows. There may be a drop-down box that offers to perform and upgrade, choose new install. Follow all instructions, this install will closely resemble what I said above in the method using the Repair Console.

    Try one of the two methods above first. If there is no i386 folder, HP may be using an image file to re-install Windows. Your problem just got harder. Let us know.
  2. Hi! You should repeatedly press F10. Then you get to VAIO Recovery Wizard. It will remove programs (You still get IE, MS Works .etc). Enjoy!
  3. P2... You should find the Windows Support group on Google for help. Sony Vaio Recovery on F10 wouldn't be slow. It would take 3 minutes.
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