Any links benchmarking DDR2 vs DDR3?

Anything similar to what Tom's did for PCIE2.0 benchmark basically showing it helps with a few select games but isn't a super big thing (yet).

Is there anything to show the difference between say 1000 speed DDR2 and 1333 DDR3?

Was just curious.

I figured I'd find a million links on the subject but most just either say there isn't a big difference or it's not worth the price.

Both are probably correct but I just wanted to see some numbers if possible.
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  1. What many of the reviews come down to is the for the DDR3's crappy latency, it's as fast as DDR2.
    This invokes thoughts of fast ram in the future.
    Right now about $100 a GB is to expensive, for ram running at the same speed.
    The real improvement looks to be memory controller in the P35 Chipset, 10 to 15%.
    Still not enough to run out and buy a new motherboard.

    Look the only reason I an buying DDR2 is that it's so cheap.
  2. Hmmm that article is nice, thanks for the link.

    Problem is it compares old items. No X38/X48 memory controller is part of the equation there (for example) nor the much better timings and price points now, almost a year after that article.

    I guess though I'll stick with the X48 Rampage Forumla and some DDR2 1000 and wait for Nahalem to come out... then I'm sure all the new board architectures are DDR3 only and the market offerings as well as pricing will be night and day.

    But it'shard to not just want to grab the latest and greatest when upgrading :P
  3. Quote:
    Any links benchmarking DDR2 vs DDR3?

    Search TOM's and GOOGLE....truckloads.
    At this point in time (and I suspect as long as another 3-4 years) DDR3 systems are for fools that think the world around them will get in gear befor their MB dies of old age....much like XP/Vista 64 bit OS users who are -still- waiting for software developers to "get in line".
  4. Heya Old Dude :)

    I did search and found truckloads, but not easy to find numbers that use todays hardware and compare apples to apples.

    For example, I would assume (and maybe this is my newbiness) that if I used:

    X48 board with same proc, same CPU, and same speed memory (i.e. both DDR2 and DDR3 at 1066), some benchmarks should show me as close to a true difference as possible MINUS the timing differences.

    That said, there are some 6-6-6 DDR3's which can be compared to the 5-5-5 DDR2's at 1000 so it _should_ be close enough right?

    There are probably a lot of things I'm missing but I'm just curious to the #'s.

    I'm find many articles too that are a bit dated because many of the DDR2-vs-DDR3 arguements seemed to have a lot of research behind them when DDR3 was hitting shelves vs. today.

    I'm not saying it's not out there, I just can't find one that is as current as Tom's PCIE2.0 one which I loved.

    There are many on PCIE2.0 but not as relevant as the one they just did.

    Thats all :)
  5. It's a foregone conclusion that, at the same clock speed, the memory with tighter timings will win. So if you're going to call 'same speed' as the apple you're comparing, then DDR2 will win every time.

    DDR3 in it's current state is only faster than DDR2 at the highest clock speeds - i.e. where raw speed can overcome the needed looser timings. So for now, the best bang/buck by FAR is to stay with DDR2 - It's far far far cheaper, and faster at 'normal' clock speeds. But going forward - a year from now as a guess - DDR3 will improve with tighter timings and ever faster clock speeds. Plus increased production should begin to drive down the cost of the stuff. Then people will start to use it more and more.
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