Q9550 OC problem...

My first post would be problem, sorry. I've read the stickys, but really got no answers. Anyway, any, & I mean any changes I've done to start OCing this thing just makes the pc freeze up. I'm starting small, on stock voltages. Just raising the FSB at all makes it freeze up. I've checked, I supposedly have all the newest drivers.
Any help?
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  1. Without all your specs it could be anything. Theres not enough info in your sig.

    Power supply would be nice.

    Update the Bios to the latest?
  2. Corsair ATX12 1000W PSU
    BIOS Version 2.053.C3 6/17/2008

    I will check if there is a newer BIOS version now......

  3. I just tried to flash the bios with a CD for 2 hours, to no avail. Then I find info that you can't use a SATA CDROM to do it, only an IDE type(The reasoning, I dunno). I guess I must get a USB connected CDROM, or install a floppy drive........
  4. Use a USB thumb drive
  5. I set the bios to boot from the thumb drive, & it didn't work. I read that it's the iso file that I'm supposed to use, correct? (I also found .exe & .bin files...)
    When I open the file, it says that it's an image file....
  6. I dont know, your board, but whatever the manual says.
  7. I guess I should have read more testimonials before buying this mobo. It seems that I'm one of many that are having the same problem. Some people said they RMA'd 3 or more boards until they got a good one. It isn't a user related problem, there's a problem in alot of the boards...... .
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