Memory voltages compatability with motherboard

I am designing a new system with an MSI P6NGM-FD motherboard. The spec suggest that the DDR2 memory voltage is 1.8V.

Q: Can I use OCZ 2GB DDR2 800MHz CL4 PLATINUM XTC memory running speced at 2.1V?

Q: Do I need to specify something with a lower voltage?

Q: Will undervolted OCZ memory still be stable?

Many Thanks

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  1. What the spec is telling you is that the motherboards memory voltage default is 1.8v. If you install 2.1v memory with out making any bios voltage adjustments you might experience problems. If you aren't willing to trial and error with memory and your money, purchace recomendend ram from the get go.
    NO, undervolt memory= bad idea.
  2. The spec says: memory voltage 1.8V. Is this the default?

    Setting memory voltages isn't difficult so I think I'll keep the OCZ stuff as it is reasonable kit. Presumably below 2.1V the memory isn't going to be damaged.

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