No POST with Asus P5e VM HDMI when using Intel e8400 or its Fan

This is my second VM HDMI, after the first wouldnt Post at all. The second one POST was successfull, but now I can only use my Pentium 4 630 with its heatsink. If I use any part of the intel e8400 (processor or heatsink) the board wont post. I have tried using BIOS 5030, and 4050 but neither get it to POST.

Set Up
PSU : Corsair 450w
RAM : Crucial PC-4200 1 GB Sticks x 4

Please help me, Ive been trying to get this computer fixed all week.
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  1. I might try reading my manual to see if it supports 4200 RAM. This is from the Asus Specs.

    "4 x DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 800 / 667 MHz, non-ECC, un-buffered memory
    Dual channel memory architecture"
  2. First try to boot it with just 1 stick of memory instead of all 4...then if it works, add more sticks.
  3. I am experiencing the same thing, wouldn't post at all. It's not the memory, I'm using 2Gig of OCZ DDR2 PC6400 800 MHz, non-ECC, unbuffered, yet still it won't boot with the intel e8400 processor. What a let-down. Perhaps someone from Asus can help, anyone out there? I doubt seriously if the original e8400 heatsink had anything to do with it.

    Setup: Antec Sonata II case, Thermaltake 500w PSU, RAM: 2 GB OCZ DDR2 PC6400 800 Mhz, CPU: Intel 8400, Heatsink: Zalman (not the original heatsink).
  4. Got it to work: the problem lies in the memory that I used, OCZZ2G8002GK PC2 6400 EL Dual CH Gold Edition XTC 5-5-5-12. I switched to Corsair memory 2 GB and it booted and posted like a charm.
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