Hard Drive for music production?

Looking for a hard drive for new 920 Asus P 6 T V 2 motherboard. This will be the drive that I save audio files from Cubase. Reliability and trustworthiness is prime. I understand that if you go abovew 640 gigs failure rate goes up? 7200 is OK is this still the standard?

Any advice appreciated
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  1. Not really sure about which brand's the most reliable (I'm sure each has its lovers/hater), but if you're editing music on a regular basis, then I think 7200rpms is the way to go.
  2. I have the WD 640G for storing video media in my HPTC and its been rock solid. I just need a few more for my home server.
  3. If loss of data is utmost concern then either do a raid or sync to an external drive. As for speed, music files are relatively small and any modern drive should transfer them fast enough. But for overall performance avoid a 5400rpm. 7200 SATA II is the standard now and can maintain single drive transfer rates of 100MB/s, plenty fast.
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