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Hey guys I'm new to this but I heard this is a good place to come for help. I've been getting a bunch of blue screens of death lately or lockups where the screen freezes and the mouse wont move and nothing including ctrl alt del will let me regain control. The last BSD that i wrote down was this
page_fault_in_nonpaged_area watchdog.sys address a38f8612 base at a38f8000 date stamp 00000000
stop:0x00000050 (0xa38f8612,0x00000000, 0xa38f8612 , 0x00000000)

i'm not sure i wrote that down in the proper order but im hoping you guys can help. I'll update with any future error screens I got. The only things that were done to the computer was upgrading the ram and installing a new video card which i also occasionally get an error for the catalyst control center crashing. any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if this is the wrong forum I didnt know where to put it :(
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  1. Go to the video card manufacturer's website, and download the newest driver. Also, make sure you have all your XP updates.
  2. I went to the nvidia webpage to update my drivers and in doing so received another crash this time the error was
    stop:0x0000001a (0x00003451,0xc02d3f74,0x89749468,0x00000000)

    ill try to update the drivers again
  3. You may be missing a windows update. Try this update.
  4. i tried updating my video drivers before reading your last post and it caused my computer to become completely unstable. When I tried to reboot after installing it ran extremely slow and only allowed me to run in the smallest resolution and in 4bit color mode. It would also randomly give me a blue screen of death and shutdown before i could write it down. I tried to do a system restore and after that i was unable to even start windows. After that I booted in safe mode and did a system restore to last weeks time and now it is working again. I'm going to try your windows update now
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