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for my sons laptop he is not here with is what he saya..when it starts to boot up screen, stops will not do anything..showsa cursor top l corner. pushing f8doesn't do anything/none of the buttons help. he presses control/alt/delete and it restarts but stops at the same point each timeand shows blinking top left cursor again..i think he has a hp... or leveno (sp)??the one i see most popular with young us pls..
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  1. It looks like you are pressing the F8 key too late.
    Poke (don't hold down) the F8 key once per second after turning the power on.

    This might bring up the Windows boot choice menu.
    If it appears, use cursor keys to navigate...

    The first choice to try is load Windows from "Last known Good Configuration"

    Windows may very well start normally.

    If this does not cause Windows to load and run correctly, continue...

    Restart computer, poking the F8 key again, this time select

    "Start Windows in Safe Mode" and press the enter key.

    If Windows will start in safe mode, it will halt at a point where it wants you to make a choice of continuing to enter safe mode, or to perform a restore point rollback.

    Here you will answer to perform the system rollback.

    A calendar will appear, showing restore points on various dates in Bold type. Choose the one before the last. (The last one may include buggy information, the one before is good, or you wouldn't see the last one)

    Windows will restore the machine to that date and re-start. Your problem may be very temporary and Windows will continue to function indefinitely.

    If pressing the F8 key does nothing, Put your XP CD in the CD drive and start the machine. Hopefully it boots from the CD. Press any key to continue as directed. (if it didn't boot from the CD let us know)

    Eventually, Windows will finish copying files into memory and will inquire What you would like to do.
    The choices will include loading the Repair console, (no), Do system repair using ASR, (no)
    Continue to install Windows, (Yes).

    More files will be loaded into the computer, Windows will eventually show all drives and paritions, including the installed Windows. Here, more choices will be offered. You want to make repairs to Windows (press associated key).

    Windows Setup will run, checking and verifying all Windows files, the machine will re-boot in this process, when it does, do not press any key when promped, Setup gets impatient, and continues to repair Windows. When it is completed, Windows re-starts and works perfectly (so we hope).
  2. If you know how to access BIOS go into BIOS and choose the hard drive with XP installed on it as the primary HD. Also select the first boot device as that hard drive. Also, disable any other boot devices that do not apply such as removable devices.

    Best quick guide I can find right now.


    EDIT. Perhaps try removing the battery for maybe10 minutes and then reinstalling and see if that makes any difference.
  3. "The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing"

    Badge, it's good to have an extra right hand..
  4. Today is my day for having potential answers. This is the kind of post where OP never answers back with a followup. I was thinking a great follow up reply would be, "If it's an ASUS chipset call them and ask if they can supply you with another brand." ASUS protocol for this kind of request. Yeah, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.
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