KT600A Bios not detect Samsung Sata HDD

Hi all,
Recently I bought 3.5" Samsung Sata HDD (HD252HJ) this is first time i use, but when i power on my PC and check bios. My bios didn't detect this Sata HDD. The mother is using Phoenix-Award Bios Cmos Setup Utility, at OnChip Sata Device I have enable it. Reboot it but still didn't detect it, I even "tab" to go into Via Serial ATA RIAD Bios Setting Utility. But it also didn't show any SATA HDD.

First, I thought my Sata HDD connection go problem. So i change new Sata Interface/ power cables. But it still not working. Then I install the Sata HDD to my friend PC, there is not problem on his PC. His PC Bios can detect it.

I confirm my 3.5" Samsung Sata HDD (HD252HJ) and connection got no problem.

I read one website saying initially bios wouldn't detect or show SATA HDD (Is this true?), saying we need install Windows XP OS press F6 to detect SATA driver at Floopy Drive A. So i followed the step, I downloaded VIA SATA RAID Controller Driver and copy it into Floopy Disc. I install windows Xp and press F6. Then it come to a screen asking to press S, i press S then I choose SATA driver for XP. After completing all this. I wait for a while and it come to another screen. I press entry, and lasty I stuck at there. The screen pop up didn't detect any HDD, windows xp installation can't perform anymore.

Then i search Samsung HDD website, it telling me to change 3.0Gbps to 1.5Gbs. So i did change it. But bios still fail to detect it.

Now I have no idea how to solve it. Can anyone help it.

My PC information
Motherboard: ECS KT600A ver 1.0
Bios ver:1.1e (I just updated)

Model: HD252HJ :sweat:
capacity : 250 GB
interface : Serial ATA 3.0 Gbps
buffer memory : 16MB

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  1. I had the same problem with an older ECS K8T890-A MB, using a serial ATA 3.0 gbps Hard Drive (HDD). Tried various methods and bios continued Not recognize the drive. Finally, reviewed the document that came with the HDD and read a statement that mentioned that certain older Chipset KT600 and K8T890 MB MAY NOT recognize the drive. Read more on the MB Manual and it mentions that the board supported 2 SATA drive with a transfer rate of 150 Mbs. So, since the new sata drive I tried using was a serial ata 3.0 Gbps, I assumed that the problem lies with the transfer rate. Therefore, I am going to an Older Sata with less of a transfer rate (150?) and see if this fixes it. Meanwhile, I loaded an IDE HDD drive and will do an Image copy to the older sata when it arrives. Hopefully the older SATA model drive will be recognized, otherwise, I will have an extra :<. Should have the older sata model drive in a few days. Will keep you posted, meanwhile if you have an IDE HDD you may want to go that route and return the newer sata HDD. Take care, AZ connection :<
  2. I thought you could jumper 3.0 SATAs to run at 1.5 G for older motherboards. Is this not the case?
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