The German company innovatek, known for its water-blocks, already placed the description of water-block for two-chip video card geForce 9800 GX2. The special features of water-block is its two layout and working surfaces, which make contact with the video chip areas, memory microcircuits and some power elements.

This water-block is intended for the installation in video card GeForce 9800 GX2 from EVGA (black pearl).

Both water Carbines was developed with 180 degrees relative to each other.

The cost of this water-block is equal to 197 Euro. It is expensive, but video card also will cost not less than $599.
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  1. ya this is what evga uses on the factory stuff

    same with the new 790i black pearl
  2. Rest assured only those with more money than sense will be purchashing both of these.
    Those of us who prefer not to watercool can do away with our central heating systems and instead leave our PC's side panel off during 3D Applications.... hell why not let the kids toast marshmellows too.
  3. You know it keeps both those cores individually cooler then a 8800GT cooler, right? I don't get the problem. As far as i know it doesn't even create as much heat as R600 did.
  4. I should hope it does, considering the size of it! But to be charging so much for the card, plus the watercooling... not worth the money or invalidation of your warranty in my opinion.
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