Antivirus not allowing me to use printer

I paid $100 to have antivirus software installed on my computer (AVG). It will not allow me to connect to my printer and the computer repairman will not return my calls. I have Windows XP and a Lexmark Printer. Help!!
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  1. Open the AVG software, and check allowed programs. Make sure that the printing software is not being blocked.
  2. First off, AVG is free and easily installed. Even the most expensive full version is about $50. Don't go to this computer tech again, he charged you at least $50 for about 15 minutes of work, unless you already had a virus on the system that needed to be removed.
  3. Ya, it sounds like you got ripped a little.

    Did you get an install disc, or box with that? What version of AVG is it?

    If you want, you can uninstall it using the control panel-->add/remove programs, or by downloading revo uninstaller. Then you can install a little better quality, and free anti-virus software.
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