CPU Temp Help!

Hey guys,

I just purchased a gateway p-6831fx and this is my first windows laptop.

Im concerned with a few things just wondering if anyone can help me.

I have been noticing that my temperature readout from Everest is really wierd......

If I am playing a game (like Unreal 3) and the power is not plugged in it is showing the temp at this
CPU: 98 c
CORE 1: 56c
CORE 2: 57c

no I am not making that 98c figure up......thats what it says and I have confirmed with cpud and everest both show that same readout..

now here is something else

If I am playing the same game and have the power plugged in it shows this:
CPU: 60c
CORE 1: 58c
CORE 2: 59c


also been noticing when power not plugged in it is showing a lower CPU speed at 1.5 GHz
when power plugged in showing 2.2 GHz (my cpu is a T7500 2.2GHz intel core 2 duo)

Does anyone know why these two things are happening....

Thanks for your time!!
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  1. I have already done that......

    that was of no help at all
  2. ok check the settings but what am I supposed to do after I get into these settings

    what am I supposed to change?
  3. Something weird going on there. First off if SpeedStep was active while on battery, your temps should be lower than when you are plugged in. This is due to SpeedStep lowering Vcore and multiplier (and thus the core clock). Also notice that your core temperatures are nearly identical, but the CPU temp is different. I have never seen the CPU temp rise without a corresponding temp rise on the core temps. Since we are talking about a C2D here, the CPU temp is derived from a temperature sensor inside the heatspreader approximately in the center of the die. The core temp sensors (DTS) are in the core's themselves. Typically core temps will read higher than the CPU temperature. That said, the CPU temperature could be inaccurate due to poor calibration tables in the BIOS. As for DTS, there has been much discussion on how inaccurate these can be due to improperly assumed Tj max. Even with all that said, you should see a corresponding change in your core temps with a change in your CPU temp.

    So to paraphrase all this:

    1. The behavior on battery seems counter-intuitive when compared to it's behavior on battery. Your temps should be higher on mains.
    2. Your core temps don't seem to be changing when your CPU temp does.

    What do your temps read while idle? I would be interested to see whether your core temps are lower than ~58C when your laptop is idle.
  4. set everything in bios to defaults, go into power management in windows and set everything to power saver, and use a secondary temp monitor to verify readings. Use can of air to clean out heatsink ports. run prime 95 to put a real load on processor and see what it does. Do you hear the fan spin like crazy? if not - order a replacement. relatively easy to install - just unscrew the keyboard, pop it out and have a look.
  5. 1. He just got the computer I doubt there is any dust in the heatsink.
    2. He is using Everest, that is a secondary temp monitor.
    3. He doesn't need to run Prime his CPU temp is almost double his core temps.
    4. It's Brand new he should not be disassembling it and voiding his warranty.
  6. atst2000, your laptop is functioning properly:

    (1) Mobile Core 2 processors do not have Integrated Heat Spreaders; desktop Core 2 processors do.

    (2) Mobile Core 2 processors do not use a CPU Case Thermal Diode (Tcase); desktop Core 2 processors do.

    (3) Mobile Core 2 processors have documented values for Tjunction Max; desktop Core 2 processors do not.

    (4) All four T7500 Spec #'s (SLA44 - E1, SLA3N - E1, SLADM - G0, SLAF8 - G0) are Tjunction Max 100c; http://processorfinder.intel.com/List.aspx?ProcFam=2643&sSpec=&OrdCode=

    (5) Everest is reading a "phantom" CPU value similar to SpeedFan "Aux 127". Ignore it or instead use Core Temp.

    Comp :sol:
  7. Thanks for all your replies guys!

    well my idle temps are this:

    CPU: 42c
    CORE 1: 40c
    CORE 2: 41c

    Its really odd that it would read 98c while playing the game and running on battery power but the other cores are both reading 58c

    not sure if its sensor error or what....

    oh yeah my bios sucks I cant change any type of voltage settings or anything just lets me change boot settings and time/date...
    Ive never seen anything like it but oh well

    Anyone have any info on the cpu flucutating I saw that while playing unreal 3 that the max I could run the cpu at 1533 GHz while running the game but when power is plugged in it was showing 2.2 GHz (my cpu is 2.2 GHz) i know about speedstep but shouldnt it still run at full specs for the cpu while playing the game just on the battery?

  8. Your questions have already been answered.
  9. The answers from above professions are good. Other than above professions answer for you, I also suggest you to use Speed fan to check if your Everest with problem and check with your Laptop manufacturer to see if your laptop battery in any recall plan.
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