Special $15off Promo Code for XFX 9600GT

Special $15off Promo Code (VGA15) for XFX PVT94PYDF4 GeForce 9600GT 512MB.
$179-$30MIR-$15 PROMO CODE = $134 ONLY.

Which is Crazy? I think it's limited on these 2 days. Be quick.

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  1. did not work!
  2. Nice deal if the code is still valid. All in all I am blown away by current pricing from the 9600GT and down.
    examples besides your link:

    MSI dual pipe 9600GT $155AR

    8800GS for $120ish AR

    8600GTS OC for $80 AR with the Witcher:

    HD2600XT for $50 AR:

    HD2600 pro 128-bit $42 AR with the witcher:

    Anyway, I just can't get over some of these currently available deals and had to throw up some of the better examples.

    BTW, I have the 512MB version of the $42 2600 pro (also came with the Witcher and at the time priced like the 256MB version). It's a decent little card more capable at gaming than I expected. Also turned out to be fairly quiet and will eventually get put in my HTPC that the silent heatpipe version won't fit in.
  3. Needed to add one more link: In stock now, but won't be for long.

    Amazon has the PNY 8800GT for $160 AR shipped free.
  4. code only works if you're subscribed to the newegg newsletter for more than 24 hours.
  5. divinebaboon said:
    code only works if you're subscribed to the newegg newsletter for more than 24 hours.

    Thanks for mentioning that.
  6. man it just pisses me off so bad that I bought an msi 9600gt for 170 and now not only this xfx card is 145, but the same msi card is now 150
  7. XFX PVT88PYDF4 8800GT 512 promo code (XFX20) $20 of, date: 3/14/08 - 3/31/08
    $219 - $30MIR - $20off Promo Code = $169 Final

    XFX 8800GS promo code (XFX10) $10 off, date: 3/14/08 - 3/31/08
    $159 - $30MIR - $10off Promo Code = $119 Final.
  8. Nice

    People may want to consider the evga 8800GS. Same mem speed, slightly lower core. But it's the same price and has a variable speed 8800GT style fan. Not a great fan, but at least it doesn't run 100% all the time.
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