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Well, i was thinking of picking up two 30gb ocz vertex SSD's and putting them in raid 0 I just have a few questions:

1:My mobo is a ga-965p-ds3, I know that it doesn't have the ICH8R chipset, just the ICH8 so that means no raid there, but it does have 2 purple ports from gigabyte for raid but is there a differnce in speed between the ICH8R and the gigabyte raid controller?

2:I also heard that SSD's have some problem reading and writing(they get really high speeds, then really low speeds, there's a name for it im just forgetting it right now.) And I heard it has some thing to do with a Jmicron controller, and I think that that is what the on board gigabyte raid controller is using, so correct me if im wrong, but does this raid controller have problems with SSD's?

3:I would just like your opinion on the OCZ vertex series SSD'S

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  1. 1. There's a huge difference in performance between ICH8r and Gigabyte raid controller.(Ich8r is much better) Therefore I recommend you to get another mobo w/ ICH?R controller.

    2. It's called stuttering problem, and it has nothing to do with gigabyte raid controller.

    3. OCZ vertex is second best choice you can make, for now. (Intel SSD is the best, as you may know)
    With its 64MB onboard cache, stuttering is not a big issue of OCZ ssd anymore.
  2. It has nothing to do with cache, but with the controller. The JMicron JMF-602 SSD controller has many weaknesses particularly in very high write latency figures. This can lead to a "stuttering system" like when your disk is running in PIO mode. Obviously you don't want this, so you should not use any OCZ Core or OCZ Apex disks, which use this JMicron controller. The Vertex employs a different controller, and doesn't have this problem.
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