Good Price / Performance Low Noise CPU Fan?

Hello guys,

I've been reading Tom's for the last couple of weeks religiously while in the process of building a PC (I'm ordering the parts as they go on sale / free shipping at newegg because I'm not in a real hurry) and I'm looking for a good average CPU cooler that is a mix of the Price / Performance / Low Noise categories.

I've read the top 10 best -temp coolers and top 10 low noise coolers, and I've read over some of their charts. I was looking at the Scythe Mine CPU cooler after doing the research, and then come to find out newegg no long stocks it, and it does not look like an available product any longer offered by scythe. I do like the idea of the push/pull air system, and it sounds like Scythe make the hands down quietest coolers around.

The CPU cooler will be going into a Lian-Li PC60B Case. It has a removable motherboard tray and since I will be parting the system together all at once, I do not mind having to install mounting brackets (it actually sounds better than push pins). Also, I will be lapping the CPU and CPU cooler more than likely, I've lapped older CPUs like my P4 2.4c and such, so lapping is not a new experience to me. Lastly, I plan on doing a mild overclock on an E8500 to 3.8ghz (400x9.5) on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard just to get the 1:1 ratio with DDR2 800 memory. I'm not looking to push the system to some crazy numbers, just get a bit more out of my purchase.

I'm looking to spend about $40 shipped, I could go more but hoping to find something in that range since I do not need some crazy top of the line Zalman or anything. The Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 looks decent, for the price (and free shipping right now on newegg), it just seems terribly loud.

Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. While its not the Mine, it is one of the top 10 on the list. The Orochi and Zipang are also sold on FrozenCPU, but those are well over your budget.

    i put a different fan on it, a higher CFM model, but it is still quite quiet. Right now it keeps my 6000+ idling at around 32C, and full load is just under 40C.
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