I thought it exploded!

I've recently assembled a new build, and hoping that it'll work just fine I switched it on.


My chassis LED fan flashes blue and powers down. I thought something exploded (or at least sparked). The funny thing was, the mobo LED stayed on throughout... so I though 'what?'

So my question is: 'What happened?' A friend said that it was due to 'crossloading,' I checked and out of the billions of cables each one was conencted to only one unit, apart from on which powered both my DVD drive and HDD. I'm stumped... Here are my specs, hoep someone can make something out of it:

Arctic 700W
Asus P5N-D
Inno3D 8800GT OC
Core 2 Duo E8400
Maxtor 160GB
LiteOn 20X DVD RW
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  1. The biggest offender on your list would be the psu, assuming your pc is correctly built.


    Assuming your mobo has the right bios 0107 for the cpu:


    May be a shortout? Take everything out of the case, built the barebone on the mobo box, short the PWR pins with the tip of a ball pen.
  2. Would it be ok if I used a jumper cap for the PWR? Arctic's not on the list of PSUs but I have a link with over 30 very positive reviews: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/124927/show_product_reviews


    P.S I'm guessing that as long as a socket on the cable fits, it can be used.
  3. You used standoffs, correct?
  4. Jumper cap is ok. Anything conductive. Even the tip of a pencil. Make sure you're shorting the right pins, though.

    If you google "psu shootout/showdown", you'll see the same brands in my link as good ones.
  5. Check Capacitors on everything, did one pop? we used to overload them and shoot them off in electronics class. haha.
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