Help with marvel ethernet before i blow my brains out

:fou: ive been dealing with dropping connectionslike crazy for the last month. it takes me 15 minutes to connect to a freaking webpage. and now on my homebuilt computer, the connetion has finaly died and will not come back. ive unistalled, the drivers, reinstalled, everything. im on my moms computer right after giving up on this thing. im literaly shaking because this is so damn aggrivating. ive no clue what to do now, and seeing as ive totaly lost it, im coming to you folks for help...

Im using the integrating ethernet adapter on a DFI DK X38 T2RB revision 1.
Time Warner is my internet provider, my signal is strong, and ive replaced the modem and my router.
Im using Vista home premium 64bit
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  1. Is this wireless or wired? Not sure from description.
    If its wired have you tried changing the cable from the router to your computer?
    Have you tried connecting directly to the modem?
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