I am running a laptop on wireless connection SKY21150 at a speed of 54Mbps. Can anyone tell me what the Bandwidth will be ? I am very much a novice so simplicity would be appreciated.
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  1. ok, your internet bandwidth can be measured by going to a speedtest site like .. and it's usually limited by your isp and not your router.. that router can communicate at UP TO 54 mbps when wireless, depending on distance and other variables like walls and other signals.. but your throughput (actually transfer speed between wireless card and CPU) is usually around 20 mbps after you secure it. so unless your ISP is allowing you to transmit faster than 20 mbps then your internet speed shouldn't be affected. now transfering on your LAN from lets say your desktop pc wired to a 100meg ethernet to another pc on the same gets a throughput of very close to 100 meg aslong as nothing else on the system is slowing it down.. while your desktop on the ethernet to your laptop on the 54 mbps wireless g would transfer information at around 20 mbps.. note that mb = megabit while mB= megabyte.. and most files on your computer are measured in bytes and most anything with internet and networking is measured in bits.. a byte is 8 bits. so 1 mbps should xfer 1 megabyte file in 8 seconds.
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