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Is there any way possible to improve the graphic quality for an application without using a traditional graphics card (GeForce 8600GS)?

It seems when I turn hardware acceleration off on my graphics card (to turn off the the video overlay) the quality degrades of the video degrades, which makes sense.

Is there a graphics card out there which does not use overlays to display graphics, would a 2d card help?

Or is there a card to help aid the OS in displaying the traditional graphics without a card?

Or is there any method I can use to somehow improve the quality without without a graphics card at all? The CPU is running at 15% and the quality is still shoddy, so I don't think it's a Processor speed problem.

Thanks, JOe K.
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  1. Uhmmm, huh? Rather then tell us the solution (2D video card) do you mind telling us the problem? What is it that your trying to do?
  2. The problem is:

    I am running a TV Card into my computer and then into some PVR software. I then use a screen recorder utility to record the PVR output (I want to record data from the timeshift, which no PVR software supports).

    The problem is all PVR software uses a video overlay to display the graphics. When an overlay is used the desktop recorder records the blank space created by the desktop which is used to accept the data from the graphics card. If I turn off hardware acceleration (and in turn the overlay) off then an overlay is not used and I can record.

    The problem with the disabled hardware acceleration is the video quality is not good, and the play back is choppy.

    I want to somehow turn off the overlay (so I can record) but still have a quality image.

    I'm not sure whether a 2d card would help or not.

    Thanks, JOe K.
  3. What recording software are you using? I'm thinking you need to use some other screen capturing program, one that supports overlays. I'm not sure which ones do, perhaps someone with more experience can help.
  4. PVR. He has a video source coming into his computer. The software that he uses supports time shifting. (pausing live TV, rewinding live TV so that you can see amazing moment X again, etc) The problem is that most players support using video overlays. This means what you see on the screen isn't whats really there. For example, fire up a video in WMP, and pause it. Hit print screen, then paste it into a photo program. (if you use MS paint, you might even get an error from the clipboard.) When you save the file, it should save as a blank screen. (often the size of 1kb.)

    Using different software can overcome this. VLC and PowerDVD have the ability to take snapshots. (I use VLC to take pics of videos.) The screen capturing program he is using is only getting the black screen, he needs one that doesn't. Hopefully this brings us all up to speed.
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