Need help on what MB to use with Q9450

Can someone please tell me what MB to use with Q9450 and 2- HD 3870X2 cards. I have try 2 Asus P5E3 Deluxe and I am having a hard time with this card posting. I can not change any setting in the bios. Please help.
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  1. To fully utalioze your 2 x 3870X2 cards, the X38 and X48 chipset provides CrossfireX at PCIE 2.0 16 x 16.
  2. That I know should I get a Abit IX38 Quad, Ga-X48T-DQ6 or DFI DK X48-T2RS???
  3. The three you mentioned al have Award BIOS. I would get an ASUS with AMI. My preference. Gigadud or ABIT , unless you are prepared to deal with all the 'hidden' BIOS adjustments of a DFI. I have owned them all, ASUS is my preference.
  4. I order a Ga-X48T-DQ6. The Asus will not work for me.
  5. Good decision.
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